.... Mahathir: Eternally Condemned To Hellfire for Committing "Khazak" (Bearing False Witness)
By: Spirit of Truth

Once a criminal always a criminal, once a liar always a liar! That is Mahathir, the foremost corrupt cruel despot of Malaysia. Every soul will taste of death, for now Mahathir survives with a brief comfort, and afterwards his habitation will be hell, an ill abode. This is what the Holy Quran states, verse 197 Chapter 3 - Al i Imran. Mahathir has selectively violated the most sacred laws of Islam, he has knowingly committed crimes of injustice.
    "O ye who believe, Be ye staunch in justice, witness for Allah, even though it be against yourself, or your parents, or your kindred, whether a rich or a poor man, for Allah is nearer unto both than ye are. So follow not passion lest ye lapse from truth, and if ye lapse or fall away, then lo! Allah is ever informed of what ye do"   ....verse 135 Chapter 4 ..An Nisa
Any fair minded person will immediately see from this verse, and from the  faked Anwar Ibrahim trials , that Mahathir has clearly and certainly violated the commandment in the above verse.By doing so he has become a confirmed sinner according to the teachings of Islam, and by virtue of that most great sin, condemned to hellfire as promised in the Quran itself as follows: 
   "Bear unto the hypocrites the tidings that for them there is a painful doom"    .... verse 138 Chapter 4 .. An Nisa
Mahathir must be whipped eighty times for bearing false witness
The following verse in the Quran explains the crime of "khazak"  i.e. bearing false witness:
    "And those who accuse honourable women (or men) but bring not four witnesses, scourge them with eighty strips, and never afterward accept, their testimony - They indeed are evil doers"  ... verse 4 Chapter 24 .. An Nur
    "Lo! they who spread the slander are a gang among you, Deem it not a bad thing for you; nay, it is good for you. Unto every men of them will be paid that which he hath earned of the sin; and as for him among them who had the greater share therein, his will be an awful doom"  ..... verse 11 Chapter 24 .. An Nur 
    "Why did they not produce four witnesses? Since they produce not four witnesses they very are liars in the sight of Allah"  .... verse 13 Chapter 24 .. An Nur
    "When ye welcomed it with your tongues, and uttered with your mouths that whereof ye had no knowledge, ye counted it a trifle. In the sight of Allah it is very great"  ..... verse 15 Chapter 24 .. An Nur
All these verses among many others shows how immoral Mahathir has become, how satanic he has acted , and how sinful he is. God has already condemned him to hellfire for his sins, and being a leader with power given unto him by the people, he has abused that power, thrown the Holy Quran aside, ignored his Islamic faith, and preferred to slander and lie. 
After his impending death Mahathir real self and crimes will be revealed 
All the great sins of Mahathir will be laid bare before the eyes of the multitudes, once he loses power or dies. This is promised in the Quran, and he cannot escape from this great punishment, with exposure of his crimes and lies , he will be numbered among those great criminals of the world and put into eternal hellfire. The power of truth will show its supremacy and the evil and wicked will see the miserable ending of a cruel tyrant , who shamelessly ignored his own faith and earned hell for a short reign of earthly power. 
In God's good time he will be punished in a manner only known to God, and man will witness the power of God administrating justice to proud and stubborn sinners who refuse to obey the command of God. Every God fearing Malaysian must realise that by listening and respecting Mahathir, they will also be condemned, so protect yourself from the wrath of God. 

Spirit of Truth - 30.11.01

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