.... Never listen to Mahathir who has committed "khazak"
By: Spirit of Truth

Bearing false witness (Khazak) is one of the greatest of crimes in Islam, this crime was committed by Mahathir in the Anwar Ibrahim persecution, and having done this sin of the highest order, he violated , despised, humiliated and insulted Islam and his own belief as a Muslim. Words which come out from the mouth of such a sinner itself is entrenched in sin and filth, anyone listening or hearing these sin laden words will heap upon himself sins of unknown magnitude which sooner or later will show its reaction to the sinner and his family . This is the truth and let it be a firm warning to those who are forced or coerced to attend talks given by this sinner, never allow yourself to be influenced or your mind poisoned by the sweet lies of a corrupt slandering dictator. 
UMNOBN - an aging decadent political vestige of the British colonialism
The highly corrupted aristocratic leadership of UMNO, most decadent, grossly ignorant, savage, cruel, steeped in racist prejudice, servile in their submission to an almost deified political leadership is nothing more than a filthier vestige of British domination. Politically fanatic, unspeakably corrupt, enjoying unlimited ascendancy over the masses through oppressive  power abuse , irreconcilably opposed to liberal ideas and democracy, jealous of their position ,these members of this "UMNO caste" have become willing tools who prostituted their high office for the accomplishment of evil deeds in their plunder of the nations wealth. Their accomplice in this fleecing of the nations wealth was a government, intimidated and forced into submission, bolstered by a flock of cabinet ministers and cronies, parasitic rulers and princelings , corrupt, incompetent, tenaciously holding to their ill-gotten privileges, and utterly subservient to a notoriously degraded political order. This is the despicable state of affairs of Mahathir's UMNOBN regime, one which has been totally defiled by sins of a defiant corrupt power hungry criminal leader .
KeADILan diametrically opposite to UMNOBN 
Leading in the list of superhuman heroes of KeADILan is the master hero Anwar Ibrahim, who arose with meteor like speed , traversed the political horizon of Malaysia  and persecuted with tragic swiftness, and imprisoned in a blaze of glory. Trailing this eerless warrior hero , are his political satellites, a galaxy of justice intoxicated heroes, mounting the same sombre sky, irradiating the same incandescent light , burn themselves out with self same swiftness and impart in their turn  and added impetus to the steadily gathering momentum of the new age multiethnic polity created by their leader hero Anwar Ibrahim. Leading in this list of youthful heroes are Ezam, Tian Chua and the rest of the ISA captives. Unlike UMNO leaders, who have been reduced to political eunuchs , the KeADILan heroes have displayed a spirit unquenchable and awe - inspiring, a knowledge surprisingly profound, an eloquence sweeping in its force, a piety unexcelled in fervor,  a courage leonine in its fierceness, a self abnegation saintly in its purity, a resolve granite like in its firmness, a vision stupendous in its range , a veneration for truth , a power of persuasion alarming to their enemies, and a code of conduct that challenged and revolutionized the lives of their countrymen.
UMNOBN is too old and outmoded and effete

With the birth of KeADILan , UMNO has been relegated into obsolescence, led by an old senile outmoded serial liar, having committed slander , who is now trapped in his own crime . UMNO is now one generation behind KeADILan, it is  struggling to survive despite its impending collapse. Racism, political terrorism, lust for pecuniary rewards , corruption, power abuse, and "khazak" by its leader have sown the seed of UMNO's destruction. With this complicated incurable chronic problems, and advanced age of its leaders UMNO has dug its own grave. KeADILan is now the attraction , it is the in thing and it is the future for Malaysia. 
As for all fair-minded learned and virtuous Malaysians, close your ears to a leader who commits slander (khazak) , shun him to protect and save your soul, do not allow yourself to be poisoned by his sweetened lies. Open your mind and try to see the poison that is blended with his words, for nothing good can ever come out from the mouth of a slanderer, a calumniator, and a serial self serving liar. Arise in the name of truth, fix your gaze on the Almighty God, and be assured of ultimate victory in our fight against evil. 

Spirit of Truth - 14.11.01

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