.... How Mahathir lied his way to Doom
By: Spirit of Truth

When Mahathir lied about Anwar Ibrahim's sexual immorality, he sowed the seeds of his own destruction. For it is said in the Holy Quran...

"In their hearts is a disease, and Allah increaseth their disease. A painful doom is theirs because they lie."    ..... verse 10 , Al Baqarah

This verse confirms in no uncertain terms, the doom that awaits a liar, and Mahathir having lied to ensure his conspiracy succeeds as planned, had committed this grave sin of (Khazak) bearing false witness to incriminate an innocent man. A leader who resorts to lies for survival, and abuses his executive power to legitimise those lies, is a total moral wreck. Such a sinner will in no time, face the consequence of his grave error, and sooner or later will succumb to the effect of lying, which will generate the necessary energy to weaken and finally consume the liar himself. 

Mahathir's mind weakened by the effects of his self serving serial lying

A liar is a distorted personality, a serial liar like Mahathir is even worse, for he will be entrapped to continue lying to save his first lie, and as he goes on lying he will earn hatred, lose his credibility and finally his mental faculties will be damaged, leaving him deranged in his thinking ability. Such is the pitiful state of the mind of this cruel dictator whose greed for power forced him to become the nations number one liar. Today Mahathir is the symbol of falsehood, earned when he conceived the heinous conspiracy to slander Anwar Ibrahim. His lies has altered his mind, obscured his thoughts, leading him into the abyss of moral collapse. The perversion that he earned after his lies, reflected in his appointment of the worst legal officer to office of AG. Gani Patail, a legal moron, a half baked highly immoral eunuch of Mahathir was chosen by a mind that cannot distinguish between good and bad. He will continue to do such mistakes until he finally falls to ruin and infamy, which is going to be at anytime.

Retribution awaits Mahathir - dead or alive

The retribution from Providence, that sooner or later will impose on a liar like Mahathir, is both a calamity and an act of holy discipline. It is at once a visitation from the hand of God  and a cleansing process for all. It's fire will punish the perversity of Mahathir and teaches man the lesson to refrain from using lies to survive.This retribution will ensure that the sinner is finally punished according to the ways of God, no one escapes from its effect, for if a liar can escape by abusing his power then the whole universe will collapse in lies. Liars will abound and lying will bring miseries and final collapse of the human race, for a community cannot be raised on lies. 

Mahathir's doom cannot be derailed by propaganda of lies 

As each day passes, the tyrant torment in his heart increases, now almost 77 years of age, death will strike unannounced at anytime for this lying despot, immortalising him as the most great liar, the foremost persecutor and the most cruel torturer. He cannot undo his sins and lies, he cannot reverse his lies, it is impossible for him to retract his lies against Anwar Ibrahim, this situation is his trap, from which he cannot escape, for once a lie is committed it is done for good and that is it. All his propaganda machinery, his eunuchs in the cabinet, his enslaved media and a host of mafia like drones who work to make his lies look true, will not be able to change a lie. Mahathir will soon die as a liar, as a persecutor, and a cruel tyrant who tortured his own people for his greed for power. Mahathir has been nailed by God's wrathful avenging power, he will go down as the worst, the most immoral, idiotic and paranoid leader Malaysia ever had

Spirit of Truth - 24.11.01

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