.... UMNO's Frenzy of Despair- Mahathir loses his Mind
By: Spirit of Truth

Ever frightened of losing his hold on power, disturbed by the fear of retribution of having committed sins of horrendous magnitude, preoccupied with the conspiracy to destroy Anwar Ibrahim, obsessed with the fallacy that he can deceive the people with his overpowering "make believe" propaganda, Mahathir fumbles and makes decision which reflects a distorted mind, paranoid and disoriented. The appointment of the legal pariah, Gani Patail as AG, bears ample testimony to the frenzy of despair that has overtaken the thoughts , the mind of this heartless tyrant. Day by day Mahathir's mind is becoming more confused, deranged and disturbed, his mental faculties have succumbed to severe aberrations as a result of the pressure of his conscience, his sins are consuming his mind and soul, to a point of no return. 
Mahathir'  distorted mind devastates UMNO
The collapse of UMNO  and the progressive loss of relevancy of the party to the needs of time, its outmoded racist ideology, and most of all the unutterable corruption of its leadership and party culture, has sown the seeds of UMNO's ultimate destruction. All its leaders have been reduced into castrated eunuchs, effectively subdued and conditioned to parrot and obey like enslaved servile effeminates. Such a total suppression of creativity, dissent, criticism have made UMNO a dying party without a creative spirit. A 77 year old , senile despot, has gripped its life and has rendered it effete and lifeless. UMNO now is living on borrowed time, extended animation and on the life support of abused executive power. UMNO is without a life and soul, Mahathir's corrupted mind is now ruling UMNO and when Mahathir's finishes UMNO will be a lost party, other will fill the vacuum. 
Mahathir - the living embodiment of wickedness
Irremediably corrupted, the living embodiment of wickedness, cupidity and deceit, this scoundrel Mahathir, stained the annals of Malaysian politics by committing the crime and act of indelible infamy, of bearing false witness (khazak). His scores of corruption, desperate designs to eliminate Anwar Ibrahim, by even trying to kill him, all other heinous crimes associated with the Anwar Ibrahim conspiracy, has sealed irretrievably his doom. His lies unspeakably repugnant, serial in nature, has satanised his image and personality. His unending persecution of his critics, his continuous and cruel, but singularly terrifying tortures, has brought untold damage to statesmanship. Posterity will remember this worthless and heartless tyrant as "Satan incarnate" who has done the worst evils one can think of. His period of tyranny has been filled with meaningless arrests, interrogations, imprisonment, vituperation, spoliation and tortures, he is evil par excellence.
Mahathir's death anytime from now 
With the death of the Agong at 76, Mahathir who is now reaching 77, is not very far from death. It is sooner or later, and it comes unannounced, all his hidden shit will laid bare, his accumulated political shit, hidden under his grand propaganda will be unveiled to the multitudes. His evil handiwork will be exposed, his satanic mind disclosed, then will the people know who this evil genius Mahathir is. As he grows older, as the fear of his impending death torments him, he fumbles in desperation to provide a protective shield for his kith and kin in the event of his death anytime from now. His appointment of the legal idiot Gani and Mohtar in the legal and judicial departments is the proof of his fear that is brooding in his heart. His hope of eliminating Anwar and blotting him out from the minds of the people has failed miserably. This has added fear into his heart, and this fear has clouded his mind and dented his mental abilities, to a point that he cannot discern right from wrong, good from bad, evil from sin. He has become a victim to his own guilt and crimes.
Mahathir and UMNO must be shunned and hated.
Mahathir and UMNO are the manifestation of satanic forces. It is the very essence of evil and filth. Every Malaysian must see this great danger and shun it totally to save the nation from its poisonous effect. Let us all arise to destroy UMNO and its wicked leadership from bringing untold misery to our nation. 

Spirit of Truth - 23.11.01

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