.... Time Exposes Mahathir's Fraudulent Mind
By: Spirit of Truth

As time ticks on, Mahathir's long hidden fraud, lies, trickery, deceit , corruption and a host of fraudulent acts, begins to get exposed. Among them is his fabrication of evidence to implicate Anwar using the AG's Chamber and the Judiciary. Day by day more and more people begin to believe what the Tunku told about Mahathir has finally come into fruition. Tunku said  Mahathir suffers from a dangerous disease, he will violate any law to survive and get what he wants, and has no respect for truth and virtue. Today these very things have been laid bare, Mahathir has proved what the Tunku had claimed. 
Mahathir is mentally deranged

No sane human being will be able to fabricate charges and incriminate an innocent man. But Mahathir's deranged mind did it. His mind has become so defiled that he can imagine the worst kind of satanic fancy, can think of awkward sexual perversions like sodomy and concoct fabrications by abusing the AG and the Judges, to push charges against Anwar Ibrahim which were all fraudulent. Such has become the mind of Mahathir, corrupted to the brim with his false sense of things. This leader has brought untold damage to the nation, the people and the culture. He is Satan personified, evil at its worst and, perversion at its zenith. He is really dangerous to the nation, a danger that can only be averted by his expulsion. 
Mahathir - the prime mover of mischief
Never in the history of Malaysia has a leader done such astronomical evil and cruel mischief by abusing executive power. Mahathir has done every evil deed imaginable, every sin conceivable, every cruelty that could be thought of by Satan. From bearing false witness, to physical torture, to lies, and prostitution of the judiciary, such has been the ugly filthy evil mind of Mahathir. He is the very embodiment of evil, the Satan incarnate, and the arch enemy of truth and virtue. He is always thinking of evil ways to destroy his enemies using satanic tactics.
Mahathir has to be dumped for good
The only one thing Malaysians can do is to get rid of Mahathir , this and only this will save the nation from his treachery, cruelty and authoritarian oppression. He is the source of all problems, the evil mischief maker, and he is the destroyer of virtue. Let us not wait for a moment to haul this tyrant down, for if allowed to remain in power, he will bring Malaysia into full blown corrupt pariah nation where money and corruption rules the life of people. 

Spirit of Truth - 02.01.02

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