.... Mahathir's Impotent Corrupt Statemanship
By: Spirit of Truth

Mahathir, the estranged PM of Malaysia, whether viewed in the light of his individual life or his statemanship as the leader of Malaysia, has, alas, strayed too far and suffered too great a decline to be redeemed through his propaganda and political trckery, no matter how mush resources are used or abused, nothing can salvage Mahathir form his atrocities and crimes, both in this world and the world hereafter. He has to reap what he has sowed, especially his great sin of bearing false witness in the Anwar Ibrahim trial. He is surely condemned to hellfire even though he may use his earthly power now to escape justice.
Mahathir a desperate tyrant
This political scoundrel, unable to resist the temptation of earthly vanities, chose to commit sins to save his neck form the hand of justice, in the process of which he is now caught in a whirpool of passion, and strife, impotent o to extricate himself from its destructive influence. He is now a desperate tyrant, constantly creating issues to deviate the minds of people from his cruel and corrupt crimes.But deep in his heart is the great fear , a fear that will final consume his mind, renders it disoriented, enabling him to commit more crimes and sins, paving the way for his final destruction .  
Plot to kill Mahathir another "sandiwara" to fix his enemies
Little does Mahathir realises that every act of his lie laden trickery  that he concocts are sins of the worst kind, he has no heart to reliase that such heinous acts are against the law of God, he has been blinded by his sins to recognise the evil effects of sinning. The issue of his "so called murder plot" is another in the series of sandiwara, starting from the Anwar trial, Al Maunah debacle, KKM trickery and now his self serving issue created to again distract the people from looking into his mega sins and corruption. Only idots who are mad would want to kill Mahathir, he is too rotten to make him a "martyr"
Al Maunah Treason verdict stinks to the heaven.
Al Maunah episode  itself is a known sandiwara concocted by Mahathir to create enimity between Muslims and non-Muslims, the question is why a Christian and a Hindu was killed by Muslims??? This itself proves beyond doubt that Mahathir created this political trickery at the expense of innocent lives for his political survival. Why this must happen when PAS rose to power and popularity, why with such ease weapons can be stolen from a top security military depot?? Even a kid will know that this whole episode was created but, the evil part is that innocent lives who were forced into the drama, who have now become sacrificial lambs for this tyrant to survive. We pray to the Al Mighty God to get rid of this ruthless tyrant form bring untold misery to innocent people. No one  with fear of God will respect the verdict forced upon these innocent helpless victims by Mahathir thropugh his castrated judges.
Let it be known that Mahathir is the very embodiment of Satan, the prime mover of mischief, and center of sedition. This heartless tyrant is the curse of the nation. Let every God Fearing Malaysian condemn this tyrant and get rid of him from this soil. 

Spirit of Truth - 30.12.01

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