.... Issue of Racial Segregation in Schools Raised by MIC
By: Spirit of Truth

UMNO is behind MIC's opening up the issue of racial segregation in schools. UMNO, being humiliated, defeated and rejected by the majority of Malays, accused of being an ultra Malay fanatical party, seeped in racism, and practising politics of corruption and terror for survival, has to face the rising tide of multiethnic politics set in motion by Anwar Ibrahim through KeADILan. To face this threat, to perpetuate its survival, UMNO has to acquire a multiethnic new outlook to compete with KeADILan, and to create a reason for UMNO to promote multiethnic politics, the issue of racial segregation has to be sensationalised. MIC was chosen to do this new propaganda, and now every one is taken up by this issue, giving UMNO a reason to opt for multiethnicity. 
Mahathir and UMNO must be demolished if racism were to subdued

Racism is a fallacious doctrine, hence UMNO itself is riding on a fallacious philosophy, a concept that undermines the very foundation of justice, which is the bastion of unity among people. UMNO cannot recreate itself by adopting a philosophy of racism that is primitive and outmoded. Racism is against the teachings of Islam and all other revealed religions, thus UMNO's racist ideology is only going to seal its own fate in a matter of time. To eliminate  this obsolete racism that is practised by UMNO, Mahathir and his UMNO must be destroyed at all cost, to pave the way for multietnic politics to dominate. Malaysians must support KeADILan's civil society philosophy and contribute to its realisation by condemning and rejecting the fanatical Malay racism that UMNO perpetuates for its survival.
MIC is a appendage of UMNO
MIC's present role is to dance to the tune of the UMNO leadership. Samy, having cornered for many corrupt practices, is now held in ransom by Mahathir. Samy only can parrot Mahathir and nothing else, he cannot raise a finger to demand for Indian rights, leaving him impotent as the leader of the Indian community. Samy is nothing more than a political eunuch of UMNO, enjoying the swindled money by abusing his position, having accumulated ill gotten wealth, this political thief has nothing but to acquire more money to finance his gangsters who will attack anyone who opposes him. Samy himself has toed UMNO's racism in MIC, and this makes the party irrelevent in raising the issue of racial segregation because MIC itself has been a party to racist politics of UMNOBN. Only a multiethnic party like KeADILan has the moral right to fight racism, so it will be more prudent for MIC to dismantle its party and join KeADILan if it wants to raise the issue of racial segregation.
UMNOBN outmoded and must be relegated to obsolescence
UMNO is already outmoded, past its prime, irrelevent and has outlived its usefulness. It has lost its creative spirit, unable to read the signs of times, blindly following a despearte people rejected leader and hence is on its way to doom. This is a natural process for any organisation that has lost it compass and has become a victim to its own corruption. Nothing can save a dying UMNO, it is now living in borrowed time, clinging on executive power and temporary survival. UMNO cannot be salvaged, Malays must dump that corrupt stricken party, led by a worthless, cruel, heartless dictator who has effectvely reduced the party into a tool for his survival. Only a new spirit beyond racism, corruption and despotism can revive the decadent politics that has has been created and nurtured by the corrupt tyrant Mahathir. Only Anwar Ibrahim has the charisma and ability to rebuild the tottering Mahathirian politics.
Malaysian must make sure UMNO and Mahathir is not only condemned but cursed for eternity for the havoc and damage done to the nation. His sin ridden politics which has devastated the nation morally and spiritually must be incinerated. Let every Malaysian recognise the evil nature of Mahathir and pray for his elimination as soon as possible. 

Spirit of Truth - 27.12.01

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