.... Samy Vellu's programme to Combat "Indian social ills" - futile political trickery
By: Spirit of Truth

Can Samy Vellu, who has been reputed as the leading "Indian political gunda" of Malaysia, mend the social ills of alcoholism, gangsterism, drugism that has plagued the Indian community since Malaysian Independence? It is like a renowned thief trying to teach his followers not to steal.!! A grandoise project costing tax payers 13.5 million ringgit, given to MIC to solve the social ills that has eaten into the vitals of the largely Dravidian Indian community of Malaysia, will be another gross failure. MIC and its erstwhile leadership themselves are a bunch of perverts, who having committed innumerable corrupt practices, as such have become servile to UMNO, a willing tool to "butter the UMNO boss". Samy Vellu's himself whose life has no virtue that is worth mentioning, who has become victim to the earthly vanities, who has abused his position to swindle the poor Indians through his money collecting projects like the Maika debacle where more than 100 million ringgit collected form the toils and sweat of poor estate workers have been deceitfully swindled, leaving the contributors in the lurk. Today Maika Holdings is dead, led by his own irresponsible son as the executive chairman, this company is on the verge of bankruptcy. 
Spiritual entrapment - the cause of social ills among the Indians
The root cause of the social ills that is currently eating into the Dravidian Malaysians can be effectively traced to their oppressed Arya Brahmin religious system enforced through the laws of the Law of Manu (Manu Smrti) created by the Brahmin priesthood. In this system it is clearly enforced that the Dravidians are classified as the Sudras, the lowest caste, whose ..."one occupation only the lord prescribed to the Sudras, to serve meekly the three upper class i.e. Brahmin, Kshatriyas, and the Vaisyas..." Verse 91 Chapter One - Manu Smrti. The Sudras, are forbidden to read the scriptures. Only the Brahmin priest is authorised to  read the prayers in the temples, and study the scriptures. The Sudroid Dravidian must pay the priests to read the prayers on their behalf. This is practised until today even though the Law of Manu was created more than 3500 years ago. By forbidding the Sudras from studying the holy scriptures they became the unlearned, ignorant, meek and servile, only to be ordered by the upper class to do slave like duties. Over the centuries a slave class of Dravidians sudroids were created, who has the attribute of being the best workers and it is this group which was selected to come and work in the British estates in Malaysia. Till now these meek, lack of interests to learn, to be subservient and be the best of slaves has become the part and parcel of their mindset of the Malaysian Indians. UMNOBN has effectively used this weakness for their own ends and because of this abuse and negligence on the part MIC the community had degenerated morally and marginalised, only tobe used as a source of votes for BN to remain in power.
What has to be done to liberate the Malaysian Indians!
It must be realized that the Dravidian civilisation of Mohenjo Daro - Harrappa was one of the most developed cultures, except for military and warfare. The Aryans who were superior to the Dravidians in warfare attacked and dominated the Dravidians and made them the worker class as stipulated in the Aryan Brahmin Law Code of Manu. But the Dravidians had their own scriptures, which were suppressed by the Aryans. The Holy Teachings of the Dravidian is enshrined in the Thirrukkural, which contains the teachings for a high virtuous life, comprising 1330 verses of seven words each, this book teaches virtue, knowledge and love, the triple activities of individual and community life. But the tragedy is that this book has been selectively neglected by MIC, for fear that if the Dravidans after studying the book may become too clever for them to manipulate politically. This has ended up in a situation whereby the Dravidians were left in spiritual darkness, unable to withstand the temptations of a sinful life, and thus today we see the Indians entrenched in the triple woes of drinking, gangsterism and drugs. The only answer is for the leadership to educate the Indians on the Thirukkural right from start for all the Indians and by doing this virtue will be instilled and internalised, making them more strong to resists the sins of a decadent age.
KeADILan must study the role Thirukkural can play is solving the the social ills
KeADILan must embark on a project to see how the Thirukkural can play its role in solving the ills that has affected the Indians, get a powerful study group to find ways and means to implement the teachings of Thirukkural into all levels of the Indian society. Only then can a proper answer to present Indian social ills can be found. 

Spirit of Truth - 27.12.01

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