.... Decline and Fall of Mahathir - From a Power Crazy Mamak to the Nation's Number One Political Criminal
By: Spirit of Truth

Mahathir, an Indian Muslim of Kerala, India showed his first signs of hunger for political power when he wrote the controversial book "The Malay Dilemma" way back in the sixties, an attempt to attract the attention of Malays towards him. In the pretext of Malay weakness and backwardness, this power crazy Indian Muslim, began his grand scheme to usurp the political power of the Malays. Among others the contents of his "Malay Dilemma" in no uncertain terms humiliated the Malays as a  genetic garbage, weak, lazy and backward, with this provocative statements he invoked the sentiments of the Malays, and made them look towards as their savior. Having reached that, he deceitfully unseated the first Prime Minister by creating racial problems. All through these schemes his one aim was to become the PM so that he can exploit the Malays for his personal greed for power, to enjoy the earthly glory, and the euphoria of being the leader of a meek Malay race.
Anwar saga exposed Mahathir as a criminal
As he moved to the number two position under PM Hussein Onn, he started his secret plans to bring down the PM, and in due course he effectively brought down Hussien Onn and rose to power without being elected. Since 1981 this avaricious leader has used every bit of executive power to remain as PM. Every deputy PM who tried to challenge him was ousted, from Musa Hitam, Ghaffar Baba and Anwar Ibrahim, but it was the Anwar saga that finally exposed his atrocious crimes which he schemed in utmost secrecy. 
Bearing false witness( Khazak) the worst crime of Mahathir
In his attempt to demolish Anwar Ibrahim, Mahathir used one of the most sinful of tactics, the bearing of false witness, to incriminate Anwar Ibrahim. This crime, in no uncertain terms is condemned in Islam the worst of crimes any human can commit, and the offender will be condemned in hell fire for eternity. It is clearly revealed in the Holy scriptures that only those under the direct influence of Satan can commit such a heinous crime, a crime that emanates form the evil side of beings provoked by Satan. By committing khazak in the Anwar Ibrahim trial, Mahathir has become the undisputed, nation's number one criminal. There is no crime comparable to bearing false witness, for it strikes the very heart of Islam, and Mahathir just did that and earned his condemnation to hellfire. 
Mahathir's Khazak cannot be forgiven 
The crime of bearing false witness cannot be forgiven, it is too sinful to be excused, with that Mahathir remains as the worst criminal not only from syariah law but also from civil law. Mahathir must be hated for this serious blunder, a crime that has tainted the good name of Islam, and has greatly humiliated the Malays as followers of Islam. All campaigns carried out by Mahathir to salvage his doomed image, to win the hearts and minds of the people, will not render him innocent, the crime is too serious to be blotted out by propaganda and information manipulation. What is done is done, a crime is a crime no matter who commits it. 
The pretext of using national security to commit blunders is foolish
Every cruel act perpetrated in the name of national security to demolish his political opponents  will make Mahathir more despotic, more sinful and more cruel. Only a leader who has been abandoned by the majority of his people , who refuses to accept the fact he is not wanted, who wants on to cling on to power to save his neck from the wrath of justice, will abuse the laws to attack his opponents. In order to safeguard his position, in the name of the state, has elevated Mahathir into the position as the worst criminal in the nation. 
Mahathir must be shunned like a leper
A criminal like Mahathir , has got a mind already poisoned by satanic fancy. Every word that emanates from his mind is corrupted, deceitful, deceptive and are sweet lies, for Satan is the expert in formulating sweet lies to win over his opponents. Every human being who wants to save himself from eternal sin must shun Mahathir, refuse to listen to his propaganda, trickery, lies and deception. Only those whose hearts are pure , those who are God -fearing will be able to discern between fallacious sweet propaganda and truth. Let every man who is loyal to God and truth, condemn Mahathir, shun him like a leper for his poisonous propaganda is highly contagious, and can break a weak man's will to resist the temptations of earthly vanities. 
Mahathir- the curse of the nation
Corruption, cruelty, power abuse, despotism, tyranny, fallacious propaganda, intimidation , oppression, and robbing of votes, these are curses brought by Mahathir to the nation. All these curses have brought the nation into a pariah state. The criminal who has done all these degrading, atrocities is none other than Mahathir, the chameleon politician, who tries to hide his crime by fallacious sweet lies and propaganda churned out by his prostituted media. Mahathir is the nation's shit, the nations worst curse, and the nation's number one crook who in the guise of democracy has ruined every bit of credence the nation had. 
Every Malaysian must arise with superhuman fortitude, to emancipate the nation form the tyranny of the evil despot Mahathir, liberate it and save it form utter degradation.  

Spirit of Truth - 25.12.01

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