.... Malaysian Indian's Oppression under UMNO/BN
By: Spirit of Truth

The omissions of affirmative action provisions in the Federal Constitution for the economically underprivileged Indians were among the many reasons that led to the marginalisation and neglect of the Malaysian Indian community. A small sector of the Indians managed to secure professional and other government jobs but the large majority became victims of leadership neglect.This neglect in addition to the ineffective leadership of the MIC under UMNOBN, determined a large extent the present cultural outlook of the Malaysian Indians. While it is not wrong to say that many programmes were introduced and implemented to develop Malaysians of all races such as the NEP, nevertheless the outcome and the quality of implementation was not of a standard that can be considered a complete success. The aspects that were overlooked included:
  1. The in depth study and action plan to liberate the spiritually entrapped Dravidian Malaysian Indians from the oppressive laws of Manu Smrti was not addressed. This left the Indians in an oppression totally not conducive  for mental, spiritual and economic progress
  2. The three vital aspects of virtue, knowledge and love, which is part and parcel of the Dravidian scripture was not promoted by the MIC for the Indian community, instead it encouraged the oppressive Arya Brahmin religious system. The Dravidian community became spiritually starved and ended up without goodness. 
  3. Dravidian culture was not encouraged, on the other hand Aryan festivals, and Holy days were promoted , perpetuating the oppressive religious that has enslaved them.
  4. Tamil language, which is the mother tongue of the Dravidians were downplayed while the Brahmin temple priests were chanting Sanskrit mantras in temples, hardly any Dravidian knows Sanskrit.
  5. The Dravidian Holy text Thirukkural and its allied scriptures were suppressed, Aryan scriptures became the operative book in religious rites and rituals. 
  6. MIC as an appendage of the Indian Congress operated on racism, primitive castes , sub castes and clans, upholding the pernicious caste system that strangulated the Dravidians for thousands of years, thereby keeping them divided disunited and confronting each other.
  7. An oppressive culture, the remnant of both Aryan British rule continued, this included the selective supply of pro government information, rendering them unable to discern between propaganda and facts.This manipulated information infused into the minds of the ordinary Dravidian Indian developed a culture where the mainstream news was taken as facts. This made the ruling elite job of controlling the minds easier. Today only MIC controlled news reach the Indians and they continue to become victims of propaganda, with their minds firmly under the control of UMNOBN.
  8. By perpetuating the Aryan British policy of divide, intimidate, control and punish, UMNOBN made the Indians live in fear thereby stifling creativity, change and progress. The worker class were still contained in communal estates, illegal urban squatters, making it easier for control. However this resulted Indians remaining backwards, unprogressive, effectively impeding academic progress among the children.
These are among the many oppressive acts of UMNOBN on the Malaysian Indians, a change in government with multiethnic political philosophy will be a better option for the Malaysian Indians. Dumping UMNO will be the best for them to do if they want to recreate their community. 

Spirit of Truth - 24.12.01

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