.... Decline and Fall of UMNO - Mahathir Racists Politics
By: Spirit of Truth

Devastating indeed has been the havoc wrought in the fortunes of UMNO - Mahathir politics, and pitiable the lot reserved for its remnant now groaning under the yoke of a tyranny led by the ever cruel Mahathir. Cataclysmic indeed has been the collapse of the most preeminent Malay party, a collapse that was triggered by the sin of its leader against Anwar Ibrahim - the foremost hero warrior of modern Malaysia. Steady and relentless is the process which has brought such destruction, shame, division and weakness to the one time defenders of the Malay race. Today this very party has been brought to ruin by Mahathir, who having committed the worst Islamic crime of khazak, that is bearing false witness, and out of shame, the members and supporters deserted the party in the millions. UMNO is so weak that it is entirely surviving on police and government power. 
Mahathir killed UMNO when he laid aside Islam for his political survival
Today UMNO is politically dead, this is irrefutable, for without its abuse of the police and the government instruments UMNO is virtually dead. To perpetuate its hold on power its leader has forsaken every Islamic value, and has abused every bit of executive power to :
  • Rob votes during election through fear and intimidation
  • Deceive and threaten the people with false propaganda
  • Persecute the opponents by abusing the judiciary
  • Arrests opponents using the draconian ISA
  • Enrich the UMNO political corporate and political cronies through corruption
By scheming and plotting , Mahathir has managed to hold on power even though most Malaysians hate him for his sins and cruel crimes. Despite unrelentless effort , using tens of billions of ringgit, to make people believe his lies, he has failed, adding salt to the UMNO wound which he himself inflicted. UMNO is seen as a spoilt party, infested with elite corruption , its body politic poisoned by sins of its erstwhile tyrant leader. 
UMNO is fast receeding into oblivion
As a corrupt party, disliked and hated by the people, its ultra Malay racist survival philosophy, and a party led by arrogant leaders, UMNO has lost its sting, its novelty, and its relevancy. It is seen as a party for the rich to control the poor through power and money. It has no intrinsic goodness, a meaningful agenda for the people, and a honest political culture based on the verses of the Koran. As new more meaningful parties emerge, particularly KeADILan, with its attractive and relevant multiethnic image, UMNO seems to fast move into history, it has no more spirit to create a sense of destiny, futuristic vision  and a heroism in a genuine struggle for true justice for humanity. People want new ideas, true and honest leaders and not Mahathir who over plays politics for his personal survival and protection, UMNO has only an outmoded racism for Malays which is not going to attract any well informed Malay. UMNO is on its way to natural death, catalysed by Mahathirian sins.It has no hope and no future, it will be like parties such as Golkar of Indonesia, Kuomintang of Taiwan, Congress of India, LDP of Japan all of which at one time unchallengeable but now historical relics. UMNO is following suit, because it is seeped in corruption unable to emancipate itself from the web of corruption and sins.
Malays have only one option, destroy UMNO and create a new organisation 
UMNO is too filthy to be cleaned, the Anwar saga is the proof, Anwar's attempts to "decorrupt" UMNO , only ended up him in his persecution. UMNO is beyond salvation, the only way out is to get rid of UMNO, just like getting rid of the virus that has infested the body. All attempts by Mahathir to move the people back to UMNO will be futile, look what the new MB of Selangor has done in his short tenure , practise corruption, so where is the hope, there is nothing in UMNO but corruption, lies and power abuse. Such a party will be the greatest threat to Malay survival, it will take the Malays back to feudalism and misery. 
Anwar has opened up KeADILan for Malays and all Malaysians, so let us build this new political culture, to replace the rotten UMNO, the Malays in KeADILan will be well respected by all races and all Malaysians will have a fair share in the nations wealth. It is time to say goodbye to UMNO and Mahathir, the twin evils of the Malaysian society. 

Spirit of Truth - 12.12.01

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