.... Biro Tatanegara (BTN) - Brainwashing Youths to believe Mahathirian Lies 
By: Spirit of Truth

What can be more devastating then implementing a concerted effort to brainwash the youthful minds of Malaysians into believing Mahathiran lies. Among many others, Biro Tatanegara (BTN) is a political agency under the UMNO President, cum dictator, currently abused to mislead, brainwash, indoctrinate the young Malaysians into believing his conspiracy and lies which he designed to slander and persecute Anwar Ibrahim. BTN is now a prostituted instrument of the tyrant to corrupt the minds of youths, make them believe the fallacy that UMNO is good, UMNO is for Malay survival, and UMNO is the only party that can safeguard the Malays. Such is the moral decadence that has now characterised UMNO under the corrupt dictator Mahathir. 
Corruption and lies cannot help in the Malay survival
The deceitful tactic "Maya" which involves deceit, illusion, fraud through the manipulation of information, trying to confound truth with falsehood, and deliberately concealing the truth, are schemes used by Mahathir to save his neck from the hands of justice. If the moral foundation of the Malays are to be built on the politics of slander. lies, trickery and conspiracy, the race will just rot in moral decadence. By playing Malay survival and equating it with UMNO, with the aim of winning the hearts and minds of the young Malaysians will be idiocracy of the worst kind. Not only it is against Islam, but it is against natural and universal truth, all it will bring in its wake is suffering and backwardness. Malays will be dragged back into "jahilliah" ignorance and barbarism , just like the days before the advent of Islam. Malay survival can only take place if UMNO is killed and replaced with a honest party.
BTN must be shunned for Malay survival
BTN programmes under the half defeated dangerous Mahathir, is a corrupting tool. It will poison the minds of the Malay youths, it will condition them to believe that that corruption, slander and bearing false witness is good. Malays will become people or a race that will be happy to be corrupt, to persecute their enemies, and bear false witness to remain in power. Every Malay who has values of his religion in his heart, must shun BTN and its corrupting programmes. UMNO is the infector of the minds, with poison that will render the Malays mentally weak and worthless. 
Mahathir must be shunned at all cost
For his own personal survival, he is prepared to corrupt the people, so that his corrupt tactics can work well. Mahathir is already rotten in his head, all he has are schemes to save him, and his family from being imprisoned. His thoughts are all working for his survival, there is nothing in his head that is true and honest, for his plans are all built on lies, that is why he has to appoint Gani Patail as his AG to perpetuate the conspiracy for his survival. Only Gani knows the conspiracy from day one, any others who come as AG will not know how the conspiracy was designed, so Mahathir has to appoint this pariah to be his aid to perpetuate his persecution and conspiracy. In doing so Mahathir has proved that his mind is all shit, because only a shit mind can think of appointing an idiot like Gani to head such a crucial government agency.
So let us all , condemn a mentally disorientated Mahathir, and force him to leave Malaysia alone. He is corrupting not only his politicians but also his youths, such a criminal deserves to be shunned and brought to justice. 

Spirit of Truth - 11.12.01

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