.... Malaysian Constitution - A Dead Book in the Mahathir Regime
By: Spirit of Truth

Mahathir again proved that his regime is absolute dictatorship and despotism when he confirmed the appointment of the legal pariah Gani Patail as the AG without the approval of the King. By circumventing the Constitution, by selectively ignoring this supreme law of the nation, by flouting its sovereignty , Mahathir has proved again that he is the "Constitution" and all others, are subservient to him. This scoundrel, reputed for his crime of Khazak (bearing false witness) in the faked Anwar Ibrahim trial, has again laid aside the Federal Constitution, and like a full blown dictator, named the AG without the consent of the King. He has committed a great political crime and is guilty of violating the provisions of the Constitution leading to treason.
Malaysian Constitution is now a dead book
There is now no need of the Constitution, for Mahathir has assumed into the position of the supreme law of the country, his words is the gospel truth, his order is the supreme command that cannot be challenged, his wishes must be followed at all costs. Malaysia is now a tyrant's private and personal property, he can do what he wants, he can use the nations wealth for his personal use, no one can question him, he is the supremo. There is no need for a parliament, a King and the Constitution let everything be decided by the tyrant. 
UMNO the castrated slave of Mahathir
UMNO is no more a meaningful party, it has been surgically castrated, subdued, subjugated, exploited and abused for Mahathir to ride  and perpetuate his tyranny. UMNO is a like a beast of burden, just carrying Mahathir from place to place, dancing to his tunes, and obeying him blindly. UMNO is now a empty name, without a true party spirit, it is a paralysed instrument which is at the mercy of Mahathir.There is no more hope in UMNO, and after the impending death of Mahathir, UMNO will be like a dead tree, huge but fit for fire. Such is the mortal damage Mahathir has inflicted on UMNO. 
Malaysians must desert UMNO and build a truly Malaysian multiethnic party. 
UMNO is now a political deadwood, looks big but, has no life, it is like the pyramid of the pharaoh, fit to bury Mahathir, so that posterity will remember Mahathir as the tyrant of the worst kind. In the post Mahathir era that will be soon, after all his crimes are exposed and his kith and kin brought to justice, Mahathir will be formally branded as the Marcos , the Hitler, the Suharto of Malaysia, a filthy corrupted leader who committed crimes of untold guilt, and permanently portrayed as the greatest of political sinners. 

Spirit of Truth - 01.12.01

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