.... Mahathir's Fails to Ressurect Even as a Corrupt Dictator
By: Spirit of Truth

With fear brewing in his being, Mahathir, the arch villain of Malaysian politics, goes on a massive rampage to show the Malaysians his "Indrajala" - a self created false sense of power. With his image shown relentlessly in the media, tries to hoodwink the Malaysian public of his "plastic confidence", hoping that with time, his propaganda will turn the public opinion in favour of him. Such is the pitiful attempt of a proven liar, an estranged political criminal, who has indulged in a brand of politics, nothing less than satanic. His grand scheme to deceive the people with political trickery and lies does not seem to show the expected results. His present image continues to rot, as the people become fully aware of the true colours of the Malaysian despotic tyrant. 
Mahathir failed as a honest political leader
After having committed the serious crime of 'khazak' i.e. bearing false witness in the Anwar Ibrahim conspiracy, Mahathir was nailed as a pervert and moral idiot, unable to discern right from wrong , virtue from sin. His image as a corrupter emerged and until today he is confirmed by public opinion as a colossal failure, a corrupt despot, a power abuser and a hopeless dictator. The list of his crimes is endless, dozens of police reports, alleging massive corrupt practices, have been lodged , only to be put into cold storage, perhaps till his death, because he knows "dead man tells no tale". All his propaganda, false sense of show of power, has earned him more hatred , for the Malaysians have learnt  how a desperate corrupted dictator will abuse power to survive. 
By forcefully suppressing the BA Mahathir  propagandas UMNO is strong 
By abusing his executive power , like cruel corrupt dictators of the past, by forcefully suppressing the opposition voice using the police force, and having suppressed it , he progandas that UMNO is strong. A clear show of false sense of power. Knowing well that UMNO is being deserted  as a outmoded racist Malay party, a vestige of the British colonial masters, he tries by using every possible lies, trickery and deceit to show to the people that the opposition is weak. Little realising that the people have already realised the impending doom of UMNO, for the people know if UMNO has  intrinsic strength, the popular support, they do not have to rely on executive power for survival, and they will be able to face the opposition head on. But today UMNO has become so weak that , it has to be a parasite to executive power, the police and the media. 
UMNO is dying because it is obsolete and over corrupted.
The unity of UMNOBN leader is cemented by corruption, because every leader in UMNO BN is over corrupted, there is unity in their corruption, by corrupting them, Mahathir has kept them under his power. This fragile unity is "Mahathir dependent" and not based on truth and justice. Corruption is satans foundation for sinful unity. UMNO is obsolete, outmoded, racist and too corrupted for resurrection. Mahathir show of overactivity is the dying convulsions of a party wrought with sin, deceit and corruption. 
KeADILan is the new order in Malaysian politics
The multiethnic nature of KeADILan has the latent potential to outplace UMNOBN. Built on justice and true human unity, KeADILan will grow from strength to strength, it will overcome obstacles that will broaden its base, secure its foundation and matures it to fruition. Malaysians must desert a outworn UMNOBN, and assist in the growth of the new Malaysian party, born out of the ashes of the Anwar Ibrahim upheaval. Mahathir is too old to give a new impetus to the Malaysian people. the Agong is dead at 76 and Mahathir turning 77 can die anytime, so let the "dead bury the dead ", we move on to a new dimension in politics above and beyond outmoded racism. 

Spirit of Truth - 29.11.01

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