.... PBS bought over by a corrupt UMNOBN
By: Spirit of Truth

No one is surprised to see PBS selling itself to UMNOBN, PBS leaders have over the years have demonstrated their willingness to be treated like political commodity for sale to the highest bidder. This was clear in the 1995 election when one PBS leader was bought over by UMNOBN and the rest followed like dominoes, such is the nature of PBS leaders. PBS is corruptible and UMNO is a willing corrupter, it was not difficult to buy PBS by UMNOBN, for both are corrupt and both have no political integrity. The attitude of the people must be such that , "good riddens to bad rubbish", because even if PBS is with the opposition, the moment they win the seat they offer the seat to BN for a price, such political commodities is not fit to be in the opposition, they might well be with the corrupt, for both are worthless as political leaders who can uphold truth and justice. PBS destroyed itself because its leaders were corruptible and opposition must be vary of this party. 
Two corrupt parties joining hands is expected
PBS is not a party that upholds virtues, just like UMNOBN, their game is politics be it good or bad. It is better for PBS to be with a corrupt UMNO because it is more akin to it. The opposition must see the whole UMNOBN exercise to woo corrupt parties and parties like KIMA (party mamak) to join it is an exercise to strengthen its weakness but all these is done through treachery, bribery, all of which is sinful. If the Sabahans who have already become easy prey to money, think this kind of will augur well for their tribal population then it is nothing but another trickery to manipulate the masses to fall into their propaganda trap. Let the dead bury the dead, let a corrupt UMNOBN dominate another corrupt PBS, both are worthless and they will bring nothing good for the people. The minds of the people can only be manipulated for their own ends , but the educated ones know that and they will not be cheated by the political conmanship of UMNOBN.
KeADILan must consolidate and strength its administration and machinery
UMNOBN can yell and say it is getting better, but having suppressed the opposition and claiming victory by forcefully suppressing it means nothing good for UMNO. It has to face the opposition on par , level and not by putting its leaders in prison and claiming political victory. This is bad politics and harbours dictatorship, tyranny and corruption. Tyranny has nothing good to offer the people even though it can be decorated with the sweetest lies. Our minds must not be tricked into believing their lies and schemes. Their plot to deceive is not good for all of us. KeADILan must build itself,expand its wings and capture the hearts of the people. Racism of UMNOBN is evil and only tyranny will support it.
KeADILan must arise , outsmart UMNOBN, expose its corruption, unveil its evil, disclose its worthlessness and reject it outright. There is no time for bickering, no time for trivialities, and no time to brood over minor issues. Mahathir is the satan and he must be done with , no matter what his propaganda media talks of him he is still the criminal who committed "khazak" false witness. He will be a sinner no matter how he wins his election , by fraud or rigging or a combination of both. If he thinks he can escape from his sins, then every one can become sinners.  

Spirit of Truth - 16.11.01

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