.... The Falling Fortunes of a Corrupt UMNO
By: Spirit of Truth

The visitations that have marked the falling fortunes of UMNO is innumerable, the central figure in the cataclysmic process that is to devastate UMNO is the egoistic self styled UMNO "vicar". Mahathir, the defiant dictator, whose acts of corruption and power abuse, struck the death blow to UMNO, which is now only surviving parasitically on executive power. 

The end is at hand for a corrupt ridden UMNO

Rightly discerned, UMNO is surviving only on Mahathir artificial executive power. Since he is the person responsible for the rupture of UMNO after he blundered in the Anwar persecution conspiracy, he in order to salvage his name, wants to put UMNO back on track, thinking that he can get away free, with a good name. But God has other plans, no man escapes from his sins. Now UMNO is dying form the poison Mahathir has injected into the organisation. Corruption, nepotism, and cronyism, all part and parcel of a corrupt political culture is fast eating into the vitals of a groaning UMNO. He sowed the seeds of disintegration, released the violent and disruptive influences that unchained disasters which overwhelmed the entire organization. The process of deterioration in UMNO is operating with undiminished force. Mahathir is the source and origin of tyranny, through his political sins, he sealed the fate of UMNO. 

The political epicenter moves to KeADILan 

Strange, incredibly strange, appears the position of UMNO, as its loses its "vahyu", its unity irretrievably shattered, its radiance obscured, its principles flawed, its leadership reduced to almost castrated eunuchs, stripped of its pomp and glory, leaving behind a tottering UMNO seeped in the worst kind of corruption ever seen in this land. As it loses its grip to capture the imagination of the people, UMNO having failed to fix itself from the severe damage it suffered after the horrendous Anwar Ibrahim saga, committed by its leader Mahathir the tyrant, now is hated by the people, the people are now turning to KeADILan for hope, and with its moderate and multiethnic concept KeADILan is fast capturing the imagination of the youthful Malaysian population. The epicenter of Malaysian politics is now KeADILan, the brain child and the brightest emanation form the mind of Anwar Ibrahim the persecuted hero warrior of Malaysian politics.

UMNO three false gods - cronyism, corruption and tyranny

The UMNO high priests are the politicians, and the worldly wise, the so called sages of a corrupt regime, their sacrifice, the flesh and blood of Anwar Ibrahim and the sufferings of the youthful leaders of reformasi, their incantations, outworn shibboleths and insidious and irreverent formulas, their incense, the smoke of anguish that ascends form the tortured hearts of those oppressed and persecuted by Mahathir. Their theories and policies, so unsound, so pernicious, which defy truth and virtue, exalts the leader above God, making it a party of uncultured money hungry bigots, craving for power to plunder the nations wealth.

KeADILan must evolve into a truly multiethnic Malaysian party 

All forms of fundamentalism, be it religious political or cultural, must give way to a humanistic order, no religious group can judge others, no one must be branded as "kafir" and no one must harbour prejudice against any others. Those who came from ABIM must be able to accept the Christians as brothers, for all are from Adam and Eve, religion must enlighten and not create hatred and disunity. The presently elected KeADILan leadership must organise massive training programme for its members to make them understand the unity in diversity, and fully appreciate the nature of the party. 

Let all Malaysian who genuinely love Malaysia, join KeADILan with love and unity, let all embrace in one human spirit and let unity prevail. So powerful is the light of unity that it can embrace the whole universe. After the leaders have been elected, let those who won lead with honesty, and those who did not win let them support the party whole heartedly. We will build a new Malaysia where every citizen can live with peace with his neighbour.

Spirit of Truth - 10.11.01

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