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Lawyer's Demand Letter for Bills not Received by TM Touch/Mobikom User

From: Secretary General FOMCA

Dear Friends,
Greetings from FOMCA.
We have received complaints that former TM Touch/Mobikom subscribers are receiving lawyers demand letter for payment within 14 days for their outstanding Bill which were not received by the subscribers. This demand letter also demands legal fee of RM100.00 to be included with the payment.
Checks with the lawyer firm, shows that they only sent out the letter and any further information to be contact the TM Touch at WTS.
These are account termination and also Mobikom/TM Touch migration cases.
Case 1. A subscriber terminated the account after loosing the handset in April 2001 by settling the balance and later registered for a new no. with TM Touch and currently TM Touch subscriber. On 24th Nov 2001 the subscriber received a Notis Kedua form the TM Touch lawyer demanding payment for the outstanding bill amounting RM58.01 and lawyer fee of RM100.00.
Case 2. Mobikom/TM Touch migration : Mobikom line terminated on 18/6/2001. Bill Cycle Date goes back upto 14/3/2001 in the overdue amout demanded and subsequent 3 bills were not received eventhough records handled by the same organization and people. Lawyer's letter demands the overdue amount plus RM100.00.
If you or your friends have encountered similar problem, please forwards your details.
This is to find out the extent of the non-receipt of bills.
Please foreward to others
Thank you.
Muhammad Sha'ani b. Abdullah
Secretary General

Pls forward your details to: SecGen@fomca.org.my

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