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Plot to kill PM
By R. Manirajan and Anita Nasir
The Sun - Tuesday December 25, 2001

KUALA LUMPUR, Mon: Police have uncovered a plot to assassinate Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad, and Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

Sources told The Sun that the hit on Mahathir was supposed to take place "in a month or two". Police have zeroed in on likely suspects in the conspiracy and are expected to take pre-emptive action soon.

Meanwhile, security at the prime minister's office and official residence Seri Perdana has been tightened. Extra security has also been mounted to protect the prime minister and his deputy during the current festive period.

Police are tight-lipped about what action has been taken in view of these developments. But sources report that a number of local politicians are behind the conspiracy and have hired a hitman, nicknamed Raja Commando, to kill Mahathir and Abdullah, who is also home minister.

Special Branch officers are believed to have uncovered the plot a few months ago and have been monitoring the situation closely

 There have been a number of reports in recent years of attempts to assassinate the prime minister

In 1999, the police uncovered a tape with recordings inciting people to assassinate the prime minister and several Umno leaders. Six people in Kota Baru were called in to assist in the investigation.

In April, a message was posted on an Internet website calling for Mahathir's death. Recently, the prime minister was reported to have received another death threat.

"I just read messages on the Internet urging people to kill me," - Mahathir, Reuters April 17 2001

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