.... A Barking Dog Seldom Bites
By: Mark Tuner

Terrorism, by any other name is still a crime. Hence our hearts go to the bereaved families of those who died in WTC, New York and the Pentagon, Washington DC. 

The crumbled metal and concretes in both ill-fated sites have yet to be removed and the fate of those trapped under those rubbles have yet to be determined; the Presiden of USA have declared war on the rest of the world, Osama Bin Laden in particular. 

Why The Hurry? 

George Bush declared war based on inconclusive evidence that is said to lead the USA government to Osama bin Laden. At the same time the man stand accused has denied his involvement. 

USA has stage-managed the whole affair through intense propaganda network, especially the CNN, the Christian Science Monitor and the so-called free press of the world. 

Asian leaders such as President Musharraf has blindly agreed to abide to the pressures placed upon them to play act Bush‘s ‘Third World War Doctrine’ at the expense of world peace and the integrity of Islam. Very soon, we can expect this parroting to spread to Indonesia, the biggest Islamic nation in the world. 

Malaysia, with a population of 65% Muslims, is play-acting the role of Islam-basher by virtue of the eagerness of Mahathir Mohammad wanting an invitation to the White House, and struggling to rein control of his depleting power.

In America, 50,000 reservists have been called 'to serve this great nation', while the commandos, the marines and the SEAL are planned to be in Pakistan at a moment’s notice. Musharraf’s proxies are still in Kandahar, with ultimatum for Osama Laden to be delivered in three days. They have yet to leave the city, the Talibans have declared their refusal to abide to that request and are ready for war. At home in Pakistan, the people have started to demonstrate against Musharraf and are preparing for a nationwide strike on September 21. 

The Cowboy Syndrome 

George Bush Jr. is starting to pay a high price for trying to be Super-Cowboy, having appointed ‘Marshals’ all over the world to prepare a safe route for the grand entry of American troops. He is emulating the style of his father when the latter was the mighty Super-Cowboy of America. Collin Powell, who was the reluctant Joint Commander-in-Chief of the American military at that time, has yet to deliver the head of Saddam Hussein to the father of his present boss. Yet, his new boss is demanding the head of Osama bin Laden on a platter. 

All this play-acting is meant to boost up a dwindling American economy, when history teaches the world that America goes into a tailspin each time there is a change in the Presidency of America from one political party to another. 

America has to recover from the shock of the great embarrassment being hit below the belt at its own corner. This is a big wake-up call to all Americans that whatever they are enduring, are common happenings in the Middle East and many parts of the world where the wraths of American bullying tactics have been recorded. Americans should look themselves in the mirror and try to imagine the fate of the Iraqis, Palestinians, Sudanese, Libyans, Somalis, Ethiopians, Afghans, Indonesians, Nicaraguans, Columbians, and many others in the South American countries who have suffered untold miseries by virtue of American manipulations in order to maintain its global supremacy. 

For over four decades America succeeded in confusing the Arab world to the extent that they are still at each others’ throats. Hence, the Arabian oilfields whet the American appetites. Similarly, high-polluting industries are sited in poor Islamic countries to enable the West to use the products at dirty cheap prices. 

Arab leaders who have been branded as ‘rouge leaders’ were made to suffer and their financial accounts in the banking system of the west have been frozen – to be used as free seed money to enrich Americans, and to finance the expansionist policies of the Israelis on Palestinian lands. 

At the same time, American war industries have been stepped-up to equip each cowed Arab states to replenish their war machines with the latest equipments to the extent they have more planes than pilots and engineers, giving way to the entry of mercenary pilots and technicians. 

The Financial Aftermaths 

It is ironical that the Bush Administration has succeeded in getting another USD 40 billion into the market place as a booster to a sagging economy. Have there been thoughts on money of the Arab and Islamic states being frozen for decades on account of their leaders being branded as recalcitrants? Funds frozen from the accounts of the Iranian government during Shah Pahlawi’s rule are the rights of the present day Iranians. So are the accounts of Libya, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan and those purportedly being opened by Subandrio of Indonesia, Marcos of the Philippines, Mengestu Maryam of Ethiopia, Samuel Doe of Liberia, Siesi Seiko of Congo and many others. 

All these funds are the easy-money that financed American industries, especially the armaments industry. 

In the course of the three decades in the last century, many governments in the Far East have endured the way of the Americans to the extent that these countries were hailed as the roaring tigers. As these tigers were about to roar, their financial systems were shackled in the most systematic way, using the ‘reserve’ reluctantly being allowed to freeze by the Arabs and the Muslims in the Western Banking System.

Hitting the Arabs, Afghans or Islam? 

Americans must wake up to the call that ‘hitting the Arabs and the Afghans’ is tantamount to declaring war against Islam. Bush Jr. thinks the Muslim world can be easily cowed the way he cowed Musharraf of Pakistan, Mahathir of Malaysia or most of the oil Sheikhs of the Gulf countries. His latest womanly collection is now in Washington to ensure her country, Indonesia follows the rhythm of the White House beat. 

Osama Laden could be innocent against the latest accusation pointed at him. There are numerous reports that some parts of the American and Western societies were aware of the attacks coming to New York and Washington, though they never believed such warnings. They were too adamant in believing that America is invulnerable to foreign attacks. Their minds have been blocked since childhood that America is the only super-power that beats the world in the guise of global policeman. 

The present young generation of Americans who are now preparing to join the reserve units of national service should be made to realize that this Third World War as proclaimed by George Bush Jr. is a war to satisfy the war machinery industries on one hand, the Zionist and Freemasons on the other. They may be thinking that Afghanistan is like the battlefield of the computer games. They must remember, the best surveillance equipment may not be able to ensure the safety of American establishments worldwide. 

George Bush Jr. came to White House by default. He failed to gain fame through the ballot box and tries to recoup the loss through a war cry. The Muslim world is used to a western proverb that 'a barking dog seldom bites’. Similarly the Muslim world is used to an eastern proverb that says: ‘When a tiger steps backward, it is ready to pounce.....!' 

-Mark Tuner
Penang 18 September, 2001.

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