.... The Terror of BN
By: Brother Su

Of late there are many postings stating that the Barisan Alternative and DAP have lost their political lustre. Some even went to the extent labelling keADILan, PRM and DAP as extremists in their political struggle. PAS is even condemned worse, insinuating as a party that harbours terrorism. What is more appalling is the viewpoint that regards "Islam" of Mahathir as tolerant, liberal and progressive, and, "Islam" of PAS as extreme, intolerant, aggressive and backward. Perhaps, a continuation of supporting UMNO-led government is suggested here. 

Let's not forget the kind of government we're having right now. One thing for sure, the UMNO-led government is already a CONFIRMED corrupt government. The government is run by crooks with criminal and immoral records starting from the senile prime minister himself. His corrupted and crooked followers down the line are condoned, protected and held under threat! They will agree to what the dictator says - even proclaiming that this country is an islamic state! Last time they used to parroting the call to ban the word "Islam" from organisations. 

The judiciary system is kaput, has lost its credibility and favours the corrupts linked to the government. Mind you, your land can even be snatched away by using a forged, photocopied land right document. There was a former judge who said to this effect, "If I am innocent I would not want my case to be heard in the Malaysian court". The Judiciary has been reduced to its lowest ebb. Selective prosecution and disregarding rule of law have become the order of the day. 

Wasteful mega projects are favoured over the plight of the have-nots. Crony bail-outs involving huge public funds are done openly right before our eyes. Bribery is not common but RAMPANT - widespread and impossible to control. Transparency is now absent in the government. Malpractice is now obvious in the Tabung Haji. The two Hamids are now waging "jihad" between each other just to please the "Maha Emperor". So much for the Islamic State declaration! 

The police is even brutal. Peaceful public dissent is not allowed. Legitimate dissent in Universities, schools and government bodies are forcefully clamped down. The ISA and other draconian Acts are freely abused. You are not safe to deliver a dissenting speech even in your own homes. The ISA will be after you! Selective prosecution and disregarding rule of law have become the order of the day. 

The local media is playing to the tune of the corrupt and unjust UMNO-led regime. Falsehood and terror are tuned to the government's whims and fancies. The UMNO-led BN has been lying all the year round and yet there are Malaysians who easily fall prey to the tune of KMM, Bank robbery, the killing of Joe Fernandez, militant and internal terrorists. 

Charge the ISA detainees in an open court! The allegation of bombs, molotov cocktail, KMM, Bank robbery, etc must be proven in an open court. Let all Malaysians hear the truth. The oppositions are not afraid to face these allegations. But the brutal government has already found the ISA detainees guilty without going through the process of law, and yet, there are Malaysians who fall prey to these allegations. Remember Sukma? Remember Munawer Anis? Remember MAS and Renong bail-outs? Is this the case of "Melayu mudah lupa?" or "Malaysians mudah lupa?". Probably there are coercion and threats being carried out now in the ISA camp to obtain false confession. Can you trust the police now? 

Democracy is now dead. We are now living in a police state. Only the apathy will not realise this fact. Or, the filthy rich simply do not want to bother what form of government is now ruling as long as their pleasures and desires are not jeopardised. Who cares if you are poor,  destitute and oppressed? The gap is infact getting wider. The Islamic "Zakat system" somehow fails to alleviate the problem of the poor. Where have the bulk of the money been channelled to? The government must be changed! Of course not by force but, as a true and peace-loving Malaysian, by democratic process. Or, are we now living in an Islamic State as proclaimed by the senile Maha Emperor and parroted by his loyal, corrupted followers? 

BN is in reality unclean, inefficient and untrustworthy. 

The oppositions and DAP call for a just and transparent government. There's still room for reconciliation. Its still not late. At least on issue-based reconciliation if not principle-based. All opposing parties agree to abolish ISA, declare leaders assets to the parliament and public, a transparent and good governance, maintaining rule of law and democratic process, the right to dissent and let the people choose freely without fear. Students and government servants can express their opinions without fear. They are free to choose which political party they want to subscribe to. 

The merger of keADILan-PRM must take effect immediately. PRM is ready. The ball is now at keADILan's feet. The non-Malays want this to happen. This merger will definitely increase the confidence of the non-Malays towards keADILan-PRM. Rationality, universal reasoning and humanistic values must take precedence over the "enbloc voting" mentality of most keADILan members. Otherwise it's no difference from the mentality of UMNO members. "Group think" in a party must be subdued and let the best, wherever they come from, lead keADILan-PRM. 

As for PAS, all Malaysians must accept the fact PAS shall always strive for an Islamic state and DAP shall not bargain its Malaysian Malaysia. At this point we should agree to disagree but components of BA and DAP should work along the lines where democratic issues and good governance can be worked together. PAS has consistently proclaimed that it shall always upheld democratic process and has never resorted to militancy. Since its inception and 10 years ruling of Kelantan have proven this but somehow the non-Muslims especially seem to listen to the allegations of the confirmed BN liars. Please do not accept the notion that Islamic state is about backwardness, barbaric and inhuman. Surf the internet and you'll notice there are many Islamic websites thus taking full advantage of the latest Information and Communication Technology. Infact, Islam promotes intellectuality, rational thinking and reasoning. Continuous peaceful, intellectual discourse between religions and civilisations is indeed necessary to remove misunderstanding and prejudice. The segregation of men and women at pay-counters is too mundane to be scorned at as compared to the illegal siphoning of huge public fund committed by the present, corrupted BN regime. In Japan, a non-Islamic state, you'll notice there is already a separate train coach for women only. Segregation does not reduce the rights of women nor does it increase the rights of men. Who knows, the women's counter might be better looking than the men's. Let there be peace and justice. There's enough hatred and tyranny in this world already. 

The Maha Emperor's "Islam" is not a moderate Islam. It is anti-Islam. The suggestion to remove "adzan" (the call for prayer) is a clear effort to discard slowly the tenets of Islam. The Maha Emperor seems to represent Kamal Attartuk in Malaysia - the arch enemy of Islam. 

Phillipine has taken the risk to oust Marcos and now the people is enjoying a more transparent and democratic government. Even leaders can be brought to court. Likewise, Indonesia, a major Muslim country, has chosen to remove Suharto from office. Now the country is progressing democratically. The Islamic parties of Indonesia are progressing together with the government. 

Let us choose BA and DAP. We must be brave to take the risk - the risk that will save our generation from being subjugated by the terror of the present unjust and tyrant BN regime. Change is a must here.  - M@R

Brother Su - 09.10.2001

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