.... US WTC - Moral Values and True Lies? 
By: Brother Su

Muslims the world over unanimously condemned the attack on the WTC and classified this attack as a crime. The perpetrators of this crime must be punished. No doubt about it. Islam is against the killing of civilians or non-combatants even in times of war. Together, Muslims and non-Muslims, are offering their condolences to the bereaved families. Apparently, for the first time ever, the whole world stand united condemning this tragedy. 

It is so sad indeed that this unity can only happen when the victims are ... the Americans! The world now listen to the forceful speech of the US president Bush " a monumental struggle of good versus evil", "good will prevail", "our country cannot be cowed by terrorists, by people who don't share our values" and so forth. His military officials even went to the extent "those aiding, supporting or harboring the perpetrators, organizers and sponsors will be held responsible. Bush even asserted that the country who harbors these terrorist will be equally punished. 

Does the American govt has a standard moral code to distinguish good from evil, right from wrong? Does the US govt apply this moral or religious code to all people of the world or to the American citizens only? As a matter of fact, it is the US govt who is devoid of moral and human values whenever the victims are non-Americans. It is also a fact that every nation must readily admit that it is the arrogant US govt that perpetrates, finance, sponsors, harbours and perpetuates terrorism. Her foreign policy has been too often, especially during critical times, leaning towards the illegitimate Israel regime. Her veto power, used too often, in the United Nations is a clear indication that the US govt plainly disregards the unity the world required in condemning the terrorism of ultra-racist Israel. The United Nations is useless and hopeless when dealing with the issues of Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan. For years, all constitutional and lawful means fail to address the plight of the oppressed, dispossessed, deprived and destitute. Don't you think that such arrogance will attract hostility and antagonism? The US hegemony were also forced onto latin America and Indo-China. Liberty inside America, hegemony outside America! Oh yes! "God" bless America! 

American history does not distinguish between civilians and military, and not even women and children. Can the atomic bombings against Nagasaki and Hiroshima distinguish between infants and military? The situations in Palestine is shameful. The massacre at Sabra and Shatila left hundreds of children dead. Ariel Sharon who masterminded that massacre is still a free man till this day. The US govt not only protects the illegitimate Zionist perpetrators but supply sophisticated weapons to  them. The Jews regarded the helpless children of Palestine as future terrorists and the US govt has the gall to say that the Jews have the right to defend themselves! The American-led sanctions resulted in the death of over 1 million innocent Iraqi children. Prior to that the bombings on Iraq did not distinguish between President Saddam and the civilians - bombarded on the pretext that those civilians including women and children were protecting their leader! Even milk factories were not spared. They were said to be military bases - as alleged by the "credible" intelligents of the US military! The American civilians were indeed gloating over the so-called "reprisal" against the people of Iraq and the horrific casualties Iraq received. 

It is indeed crucial now that the US govt must prove beyond reasonable doubt who actually did this crime before she intends to strike. The United Nations, though hopeless so far, must intervene to ensure solid evidences are produced as basis for further actions. Perhaps, the UN commission, comprising of various countries, should be established, if this is possible, to investigate and scrutinise the evidence, at all possible angles, to seek out the truth. Because, referring to other non-American websites revealed that some of the Arab names listed initially as the hijackers were not in USA during the time of the attack. One such website is "Islam OnLine". 

1) Abdul Rahman Said Al-Omari was already in Saudi Arabia. He has come forward identifying himself. 

2) Ahmad Ibrahim Al-Ghamdi was in Chechnya doing relief work. 

3) Fayez Mohammad Al-Shehri, also in Chechnya doing relief work. 

4) Amer Kenfer, whose name is listed in the passenger list of flight to Los Angeles was all the while in Saudi Arabia. 

5) Amir Bokhari, one of the passengers, had already died 2 years ago. 

How the above names appeared in the FBI list requires some explanation. So much for the "credible evidence". Amazingly, this "credible evidence" was utterred at the early stage of the investigation. As though the mind was already set to pin-point a man now hiding in Afghanistan. Everything else was just a formality. 

Solid evidences must be produced,  if not for public scrutiny, then why not before an independent, credible international commission. Or, the US govt is too arrogant, regarding herself as too powerful. No nation can scrutinise their "credible facts-findings" on the pretext of "US information security". The world is required to accept US explanation at face value. The US now is rallying for world support. Should not this call be decided through the UN? Anyway, the UN is useless when dealing with the rhetorics of the US might. The UN has indeed been reduced to insignificance! 

There was also a high number of Muslim casualty, under the rubble, which the US media hardly gave any coverage. They worked in the WTC. The actual number of the WTC and Pentagon casualties must be confirmed. How many were ABSENT that day were equally important. What was their ethnic, social and religious background? Are such data valuable? As the attack was carefully orchestrated, all possibilities should not be ruled out - could there be an inside job? Does it involve intelligentsia of the highest level who have access to the US security? The arrest made todate has reached over 200 suspects. Such a well orchestrated operation which gave a stunning blow to the US govt, eluding American intelligents and security and said to take many months planning, usually would not involve too many personnel - too risky - as secrets might leak at an early stage. The arrest made - could it be another KMM ala Hollywood? No! This is no laughing matter. This is a world tragedy and what will follow suit will also be a world tragedy. The US media has been so far, mainly, playing to the tune of the American people, arousing their anger to seek revenge and pin-pointing Bin Laden as the criminal. It only takes less than two weeks of investigation to confirm the real perpetrator. How come? Engaging 4000 FBI agents to do the job. Thus it made the terrorists so stupid to leave behind simple, obvious trails. Shock and hysterical, the people will react blindly to whatever information being fed into the mind. 

The above is purposely mentioned to stress the point of the importance of undeniable evidence as basis for judgement and further action. The world simply do not care anymore. Shock and frenzy have ruled their heads. Perhaps, rule of law cannot be applied to "terrorists" but killing without clear evidence is also a crime. Bin Laden said it is the US who branded him as "terrorist". As far as he is concerned, he is determined to get rid of US aggression from Muslim land. As a police of the world, the US has been unjust to the Muslims. He asserted he did not "start the fire". Now, it is the battle of perception - The West's perception versus Bin Laden's perception. 

There should be a neutral, world body to confirm the "facts" before next course of action can be justified as this involve world stability and order. Whatmore there is no terrorist group claiming responsibility. Bin Laden has twice denied involvement. The world is not listening. The western media continuously describes him as the man behind the attack. If Bin Laden is infact guilty, then he should be lawfully killed. No Muslim should show sympathy to him. Infact, he should be despised. Islam does not condone such terror even in times of war. But if he is killed and later found to be innocent, then knowing US past records, she may not likely succumb to the grave mistake that she has committed but instead, as usual, will likely display her tongue of hypocrisy. Then, just like Ariel Sharon, the real perpetrator is still free and the world, especially the allied nations, must accept retaliation, which is likely to arise, thereafter. The vicious circle continues ... 

Mullah Mohammad Omar, the Taliban ruler has this to say, "They are trying to finish us on various pretexts. One of their pretexts is Osama bin Laden's presence in Afghanistan". The Taliban also has denied involvement in the attack, and requested US to be patient in her investigation. He asserted the tragedy could be the work from inside.  US is not buying. She does not want to wait. The mind is dead set. Still, the world is not listening to the plea of Afghanistan. No matter what negative pictures the world has painted Taliban, whether right or wrong, they are no justification for the Taliban to receive reprisal from the US. 

Yes! Justice must be sought, but, retaliation must also be right, ie to the right person. Unjust retaliation that will result in the death of the non-perpetrator, the innocents, the non-combatants and the civilians including infants, children and women, is no answer to "whip terror" or "fight of good versus evil, ... who don't share our values". Such retaliation is also an act of terrorism, no difference. President Bush's political career is at stake. How to please the American civilians? No matter what, when the victims were non-Americans, the US became unfair and unjust but when the casualty was their own people, the US became frenzy and irrational. Hopefully, when rationality presides, it will be the time for the US citizens to exhort their leaders to review their foreign policy. Its never too late to possess this value. Hopefully after this, the US, Nato, UN and the rest will unite in ensuring justice and unbiasness to all nations, irrespective of race, colour and religion. If the superpower still behaves like before, then the whole world must be prepared to condemn such attitude. Is the world ready? If the world is not ready, then please do not talk about annihilating terrorism from this earth anymore. Perhaps, next time, a better topic to talk about will be 'Hypocrisy at Play' ... - M@R

Brother Su - 21.09.2001

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