UMNO's Political Terrorism and Pernicious Racism
Devastates Malaysian Democracy
If there was any reservation about UMNO’s alleged political terrorism, the recent “election“ proved it beyond an iota of doubt. UMNO and its coalition drones demonstrated an act so horrendous, so desperately cruel, as it orchestrated a show case pathetic election process, making it a mockery of the worst kind. UMNO’s fear of losing was so profound that it violated every rule of the electoral process, to ensure a shameful victory. A victory that has brought down UMNO’s already dwindling political dignity and credibility. Its hidden agenda of the atrocious fallacious “Malay supremacy”, to ensure the Malays hold the political trump card at whatever cost, even at the expense of its morality and legality was the evil inspiration to steal the votes and enjoy the treacherous victory. UMNO has developed a severe insensitivity to sins, crimes and mistakes in its effort to preserve it despotic power over the people.

UMNO – a political terrorist organization
It has been preaching the UMNO Malay’s that , the Malay Supremacy must be preserve even it means to cheat and win. Such is the despicable moral degradation UMNO has landed itself into. UMNO Malay culture is one where sinning seems to be permitted , let us use any means to make sure Malay rule the country. Even religion is laid aside, Islam’s virtue which has civilized the Malays and brought them out of “jahilliah” ignorance has been condemned as obsolete and irrelevant. Undoubtedly UMNO has evolved into a political terrorist organization, threatening the electorate with all kind of fear, punishment to rob their votes. All instrument of the government have been hammered to become their weapon, the Election Commission, Police, Army, all government agencies have been effectively “castrated: and forced to submit to their agenda of political terrorism. The leader of this emerging political terror organization is non other than the UMNO President and his predecessor. Both caught in the web of fear of losing power, were converted to terror leaders, waging a rampage over the masses and persecuting and exterminating every one who questions their crime. UMNO has made Malaysia a rotten country, politically immoral, and administratively corrupted.
Malaysia will morally degenerate under UMNO’s political terrorism and racism
The moral collapse of UMNO and its degrading effect on the nation is a matter of fact. Forced into a criminal situation, by virtue of its inherent mega corruption and material avarice, UMNO has no choice but to become the political gangster, bullying every one who wants a change. All schemes plotted by UMNO to secure power, releases the immoral stench, a obnoxious climate of political filth and shit, creating a dirty country, run by political drones, with the culture of thieving and cheating. Malaysia is ruining, becoming worst in corruption, paving the way to become a pretending democracy, but in fact a pariah nation, entangled in the web of terror and political crime. The Malay race is shamed to the brim, has become a mockery and a laughing stock under this worthless UMNO.
It is time the Malaysia wake up from their stupor, which UMNO has given, call for the change of culture of political terrorism into a people based genuine democracy where justice and fairness will rule supreme.

Spirit of Truth - 04.04.2004

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