Shameless Winners:
Badawi & UMNOBN and its Illegitimate Government
It has become as clear as the noonday sun that the recent 11th General election is illegal; every known principle of the democratic electoral process was violated through abuse of power, corruption and despotism. Malaysia has gone deeper into a shameful political degradation, with its glaring symptoms of immoral politics, rigging of the electoral rolls, using phantoms voters, pre-voted ballot papers, multiple voting by one voter, violation of the secrecy of the ballot papers, threatening of voters, corrupting the electorate, bribing the electorate, abusing the government machinery, prostituting the media, total suppression of the opposition, buying of candidates, and a host of immoral activities that at once renders the whole election as null and void. This irresponsible violation of the electoral process has given UMNOBN a severe blow, exposing its true political weakness, because , only a weak people rejected party suffering from fear of losing, will resort to this wrong doings of this evil nature to protect itself from being hauled to justice in the event it loses it power. UMNO has receded to the lowest abyss of political evil, Badawi has proven himself as the foremost hypocrite, and self serving selective liar, whose has earned the name of the
Most Cruel (Mahazalim 11), following the footsteps of his predecessor, Mahathir Satan incarnate.
Malaysia reduced to a corrupted pariah nation
By committing heinous political crime, Badawi and his criminal political mafia network, has brought astronomical shame to the nation, its immoral political culture, coupled with despotism and tyranny, has made Malaysia a sick country, ruled by incorrigible bunch of politicians whose has preferred to ruin the nation for their political survival. Today the nation has become a leader in political treachery, making it culturally ugly and stinking. Badawi has become worse, hypocritical, and avaricious of power and money. This mega political sin has now brought UMNOBN into a filthy shit, its obnoxious and repulsive odour is going bring untold suffering to the people, because corruption will rule supreme and its attendant evils will bring great social misery for the ordinary citizen.
People must attack UMNOBN using election rule violation as the weapon
UMNOBN’s crime of violating the election must be the biggest weapon for the people to attack it unrelentlesly, until the next election. They must prepare for a complete boycott by bringing the UMNO’s electoral fraud to the notice of the people and the electorate. UMNO’s name must be tarnished to the maximum; its credibility must be smeared to the hilt. Its sins exposed and evil schemes lay bare before the multitudes that were cheated and barred form voting freely and fairly. Every attempt mast be made both organized and individual manner to undermine UMNO’s position. Not an iota of respect must be given to this ill elected government, every fair-minded citizen must be taught how to shun, boycott and disrespect the leaders and the UMNOBN parties. They must be educated not to respect a sinfully elected government.
Badawi must be elevated to the Sinner of the Year
Every blame of the electoral fraud must be assigned to evil eyed Badawi, the leader of the of the UMNO political mafias. He alone must be attacked and spit at, for his great betrayal of democracy and the people’s aspiration for a clean election. He is weakling, and has great unlimited greed for power. A pretender of the worst kind, this moronic leader has got the evil mind to commit the greatest sinful fraud to remain in power. He must be formally proclaimed the personification of Satan, the embodiment of evil and Satan incarnate. He must be recognised as the most corrupted, immoral and careless leader to has thrown truth aside and followed the path of wrong doing.
Let every Malaysian be aware of this heinous criminal Badawi and do everything to bring his name down until he feels totally insecure even though he pretends to feel unperturbed. He will pay for his crime against the people.

Spirit of Truth - 30.03.2004

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