Malaysia Transformed To A Pariah Nation 
By Badawi The Tyrant (
Never in history, such an evil election fraud was ever committed
, the highly corrupted Badawi, leading the bunch of political crooks, went on a total extermination of democracy to secure an ill gotten win by orchestrating an election that was never one. It is not an election but it was an cruel act of stealing a  win by the most fraudulent means, totally undemocratic and idiotic. This evil machination, conceived by the bunch idiotic UMNO leaders, whose morality is worst than the degraded pariahs, violated and broke each and every rule of the electoral procedures, and snatched the win without shame or fear of God. The moronic Badawi following the footsteps of his corrupted predecessor, has become worse form the way this heinous treachery was committed. These UMNO leaders, have absolutely no respect for human rights.
Citizens must once and for all reject and hate Badawi for this betrayal, he preferred to protect himself and sacrifice the people. The people have become the sacrificial lamb for this moronic leader to remain in power. The people must attack this idiot, worthless self centered mentally deranged UMNO monster called Badawi:
He must be hated for his betrayal of democracy
He must be cursed for cheating the rakyat.
He must be ignored for using evil machination against the people.
He must be condemned for eternity for stealing the people’s vote
He must be rejected for abusing his power to steal votes
He must be spoken badly of every where and all times for ignoring the people.
He must be branded as the most stupid, idiotic leader.
Everyone must pray to God that he will be punished and judged
He must be shunned because he is the incarnation of satan the king of the evil world.
Each and everyone must directly or indirectly boycott this idiot and his sychophants cabinet of idiots
Every programme to clear his name must be sabotaged.
Where ever his picture is put in public must be spoilt with red paint.
Never ever reps3ct this type of leaders who treat the rakyat like dirt.
Write to him and ask him to resign because his government is illegally elected.

Spirit of Truth - 26.03.2004

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