One Party Parliament Created 
by Almost Total Suppression of the Opposition by BN
The results of the UMNOBN orchestrated “show case election” revealed how the anticipated expected weakening of UMNOBN , following the loses of UMNO in the Malay heartland in the 1999 election, created a fear that forced UMNOBN leaders to go on a total oppression, suppression rampage on the opposition, ending up in the almost complete elimination of opposition in the parliament. Because UMNOBN leaders had a reputation of being over corrupt, their fear of losing , drove them to go all out, by hook or by crook, to eliminate opposition’s chances of winning
Following the 1999 election, well planned actions were taken to ensure that the opposition is paralysed, ensuring that they will never be a threat to UMNOBN. Systematic efforts were taken to exterminate the opposition through a concerted campaign using every instrument of the government to assist them to eventually to incapacitate all opposition party and its leaders.
The first attack on the opposition is to arrest its leaders and jail them using all illegal tactics. Most young dynamic leaders were arrested under the ISA and other meaningless laws and charged in a court orchestrated by the UMNOBN leaders.
The second attack was to totally block opposition newspapers from reaching the people, totally breaking the communication with the people.
The third attack was to prohibit all public gatherings and rallies, further containing the opposition from having some form of contact with the people.
The fourth attack was the five year one sided propaganda where UMNOBN prostituted the media to the brim to brainwash and instill fear on the people.
The fifth attack was to buy over opposition leaders who were attacking the UMNOBN leadership, ending up with money hungry opposition leaders crossing over and becoming filthy rich.
The sixth attack was the realignment of electoral districts to favour UMNOBN and to allow a complete movement of phantom voters to areas where UMNO BN leaders were standing. Thousands of phantom voters were mobilized to ensure huge majority wins as seen in the results of the recent election, where opposition leaders constituencies were filled with new phantom voters whose votes have been confirmed for BN before election itself.
The seventh attack is the shortening of the campaign time of eight days for the opposition, with SPR restructuring the laws to further restrict the opposition’s ability to voice out their criticism on the government.

The eighth attack was the astronomical amount of money used to bribe, buy and appease voters until they were all bought over to vote for them.
The ninth attack was the complete closure of TV to the opposition, further paralyzing any effort to communicate with the people.

All these attacks killed the opposition to a point that hardly anyone could be in the parliament. It is a total destruction of the democratic electoral process, allowing complete and unchecked control over the highly corrupt UMNOBN, to continue its corrupt regime without any opposition. The parliament has become a one party legislative, killing once and for all the democratic principle that is essential for the democratic process of governance to follow.

The best approach to this type of supper suppression of the opposition parties is to go all out and declare the election as null and void, and boycott the elections totally in the coming polls. There is no need for an election which opposition has no room to operate democratically.

The people who love a honest government must refuse to recognise the present ruling party which was elected fraudulently .

Spirit of Truth - 23.03.2004

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