Non-Malays must realise good, virtuous and knowledgeable Malays 
have deserted a corrupted UMNO
Any fair minded Malaysian will realize that the majority of Malays who are good, knowledgeable and virtuous have deserted UMNO in line with the belief that a corrupted party like UMNO will eventually be destroyed by the destructive forces of corruption and power abuse. A cursory review of the PAS candidate’s caliber reveals that most of them are very highly educated professionals, religious scholars and businessmen. Besides PAS has also allowed women to participate as candidates, crushing once and for all the myth that PAS is gender prejudiced. UMNO on the contrary has only remnant of corrupt leaders, who have been entrapped in the temptation of money politics. UMNO which survived on non Malay votes in the last election , has found that non Malay support has dwindled to a significant extent. For the first time, Chinese and Indians have come forward to lead the nomination of PAS candidates. This change indicates that the people have realized that the Anwar Ibrahim persecution episode has laid bare the evils of UMNO, the corruption, the plundering of the people’s wealth, and the strangulation of democracy.

PAS is very well replacing UMNO, the people also want to see the end of ultra Malay racism of UMNO to be eliminated form the Malaysian politics. They want to see a multiethnic political party evolve and unite the Malaysians, while waiting for Anwar Ibrahim to come out and to this noble job, the non Malays will rally around PAS to weaken UMNO, and when Anwar Ibrahim comes out , it will be easy for him to finish a dying corrupted UMNO with the help of PAS . This is the dream to non Malays, to get rid of a fanatical fundamental Malay racist UMNO, which has been over feeding the UMNO Malays and sidelining the Indians and the Chinese and also the Sabahans and Sarawakians. In Sabah the slogan “UMNO colonialist” indicates that UMNO is also unwanted, they want UMNO to get lost from Sabah.
The time has come , the time as shown, that UMNO is no more the representative of Malays, after hundred of thousands of good UMNO Malays deserted UMNO after the Anwar Ibrahim persecution, it is clear that UMNO has lost it spirit of survival.It is a matter of time that UMNO will find itself lost in the filth of corruption , and slowly losing it power o survive. Despite astronomical propaganda and buying of support, it still finds it losing the battle to regain popularity. Non Malays must celebrate that this good thing is happening, the Malay favoritism which is grossly unfair is finally attacked, thanks to PAS and KeADILan.
So let us hasten the change and ensure UMNO is at its weakest point when Anwar returns to create a Malaysian multiethnic political culture. Vote for Barisan alternative and save Malaysia from the corrupted UMNO.

Spirit of Truth - 15.03.2004

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