Pak Lah Goes down the drain, evolves into Mahafiraun II
The human spirit was dealt a heavy blow by the Pak Lah’s regime, when his corrupted entrenched police blocked the Free Anwar programme which was scheduled to be held at the Hokkien Hall last night. There is not even an iota of doubt the Pak Lah, mistakenly branded as Mr. Clean has come out real filthy. That heinous act of trying to subvert and undermine a programme which gives Anwar Ibrahim a greater popularity, indicates that Mahafiraun I and Mahafiruan II have schemed and plotted to perpetrate a oppressive and anti human rights regime. There is no doubt that Pak Lah is a spineless tool, devoid of his own spirit, manipulated by the filthy old tyrant Mahathir. This oppressive act of trying to block Anwar’s popularity, proves beyond doubt that Anwar is without doubt more powerful that any of the UMNO leaders, otherwise that kind of fear, leading to the obstruction of a peaceful gathering will not take place.
Dollah Badawi has succumbed to the old tyrant and UMNO corrupted warlords. Little does Dollah realize that such oppressive acts, little by little will undermine UMNO and in due time will end in its loss of power and final collapse. UMNO stinks with corruption, it lives on corruption and if Malaysia survives on corrupt politics, it will end a pariah nation. The economy is dying and UMNO is not reforming, sooner or later UMNO will suffer from natural death. Let us dump the corrupt UMNO and save Malaysia.

Spirit of Truth - 28.01.2004

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