UMNOBN Must Be Taught A Lesson By The Rakyat
UMNO’s Warlord politics must be put to an end. This mode of politics, barbaric in nature, wrought with corruption and immoral abuse of power, will not benefit the rakyat in the long run. Only immorality will abound, bringing in its wake, untold havoc, bribery will rule supreme and the life of the people disturbed by bribery. The people will be tormented by mental misery, unable to secure justice in their daily living. If the rakyat do not teach UMNO a lesson, suffering will continue, Malaysia will become acquire pariah immorality, instead of civilising the nation, it will bring the country back to political barbarism.

The people must be given the mental liberty to choose the best, not forced and tricked to vote UMNO, which is ruining the morality of the nation. Malaysians can best serve the nation by learning how to recognize political deception in the propaganda of UMNO, how they are bought over through a pittance, and how their mind is distorted to believe that a corrupt UMNO is still good. People who are matured must be able to dodge the UMNOBN propaganda and teach an irresponsible UMNO that they cannot go on tricking people and continue ruling the nation using the evil instrument of corruption.

Spirit of Truth - 18.01.2004

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