Mahathir: UMNO Ingratiated Fallacious Genius
Mahathir, UMNO’s all purpose ’genius’, portrayed as the 'incomparable' by UMNO-BN sycophants, has been falsely elevated to the 'ranks' of superstar in Malaysian or even world politics. UMNO eunuchs spare no effort to deify the tyrant, carry him to the summit of 'human greatness', enjoying and benefiting every bit of it. Somehow Mahathir's political mercenaries, propagate the ingenuity of this this mentally deranged leader, who has somehow fallen prey to his world of fantasy, where he perceives himself as the peerless leader in the world. I had the experience of hearing one of his proponents, propounding the greatness of this confused leader. He had the cheeks to say that Bush and Blair are like kids when compared to Mahathir, such has-been the perversion of a leader who having lost his dignity with the people, became so agitated and tormented until he seems to have lost his ability to see other people's views, thinking again and again hat he is the supreme genius of all.  He seems to have found the magic mirror to see his image as the most knowledgeable of all people. Such is the stupidity of Mahathir, lost in his own world of wishful imagination, flying on his own magic carpet, trapped in the dimension of falsehood which his ego has blinded him.

A true knowledgeable leader will be a realistic leader, will have the ingenuity to feel the people's mind, and serve the people with virtue and political honesty. But in Mahathir we see a so called 'super brilliant man' afflicted with immorality, trapped in corruption and devoid of the simple virtues of life. Knowledge however much one has acquired if it is not blended and guarded by virtue, it will bring forth the worst of evil, because such a man will use his knowledge to the utmost to do evil if he has to do. That is exactly what Mahathir did when he persecuted Anwar Ibrahim. The lack of virtue gave him the courage to do evil to unbelievable heights when he, by violating the essence of Islamic virtue, fabricated lies after lies, to put an innocent man into jail. Is this how a truly knowledgeable leader behaves when his position is threatened? A scheming liar, Mahathir, is a genius in evil work. He portrays and speaks so well that most people who are with him get cheated. They cannot see his moral weakness, his lack of virtue. This is exactly how Satan operates.
Besides Mahathir was portrayed so high until the ordinary people could not understand him, his knowledge was to 'too advanced' until the ordinary people heard 'Greek' from his speeches but because they cannot understand the 'pembodeks' thought he was real great, little realising that he has alienated himself from the realities of life and the people. The people began to see his intellectual arrogance, ego and pride, hatred brewed in the hearts of the people and finally they branded him as senile and the cruelest. A clever leader will understand the level of the people; with love he will guide them at their own pace, not forcing some super knowledge into their head when they are not prepared. All these actions of Mahathir only prove that he outwardly looks smart but inwardly he is a moron. Let all Malaysian ponder this truth and take cognizance of its reality.

Spirit of Truth - 23.12.2003 (edited by M@RHAEN)

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