Exorcising The Racism Demon in Umno-BN Politics
The forces of the civilising process will create positive changes in every aspect of human activity. Human society which has progressed through the various social stages from family to tribes to city - states to nations and is now in the transition to a global entity. Every change in this ongoing process will result in the detaching from the previous levels of unity, shedding values that were once held with sacred esteem. As humanity moves up the unity ladder, it unity expands to encompass segments that once were rather antagonistic to one another, a good example is the unifications of the warring tribes in Arabia under the banner of Islam through His Holiness Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

In Malaysia, a expanded unity to bring in together the various races and creeds that abounds in this nation, will entail in shedding the racial sentiments that once ruled the minds of the people belonging to the various races, and bringing together the diverse elements under one fraternity the human family. Unity in this aspect is not uniformity as misunderstood by many but it is the organic unity in diversity, just like the unity of the cells and organs in the body, though physically different and diverse, yet they work harmoniously. This is the beauty in the difference, it is natural and normal.
UMNOBN has been built on racial lines, living on the sentiments of race and creeds. But today the spirit of the age calls for an expanded human unity, transcending the limits of race, this is the next social leap in the civilisational process. Since UMNOBN is a unity of many big and small boats, unlike KeADILan which has one big boat and many types of people with diverse cultures, languages and beliefs. When people get together in this big boat they will understand each other better, their unfounded fears and ignorance will be eliminated and a new type of unity is born.
All Malaysian with a concern for the future of the people must go into the boat of KeADILan, mingle with all the people and create one unity in diversity and this will bring forth a great power among the people. KeADILan is endowed with this potential, and every one who loves peace and harmony must lend their hand to help to ensure its great success. UMNOBN is outmoded, obsolete and irrelevant; socially. politically and culturally. Let us not waste our time with relics like UMNOBN, just concentrate on building a new Malaysia united organically under one multiethnic party.

Spirit of Truth - 05.12.2003

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