UMNOBN Works Against The Progress Of Human Spirit
To say that this is the age of the "triumph of the individual" is to utter a platitude.  Knowledge empowered individual in this day and age, strives to emancipate itself form any form of oppression, domination and over control. UMNOBN's has increasingly shown a culture of oppressing the individual, by curbing the freedom to exercise the mind, and when this happens , the human spirit gets agitated, trapped, contained and its ability to actualise its full potential is seriously  stifled. It goes into a state of mental imprisonment, very uncomfortable, restricted for its ability to aspire, strive and exercise inquisitive creativity in order to move in the path of the human civilisational process. There is no greater oppression that stopping the human mind from exercising its destined purpose towards an endless progress or to its Creator. Any fair-minded person will agree that something is very seriously wrong with UMNOBN now. This is abstract phenomenon, it has done with the spirit of UMNOBN, it is a socio-psychological problem, bordering around morality and spirituality. It is very sick in these two areas, and this sickness is well proven by the symptoms that currently prevail in the UMNOBN culture, the way it operates itself. If UMNO is weighed in the balance of GOD moral virtues, it will show its crass emptiness, its morality is sapped, eroded. Spiritually it is bankrupt, with hypocrisy replacing it.

Look at Mahathir what hypocrisy he shows at FAO Conference
In one of his best demonstration of own hypocrisy, he call for a global corporate tax, trying to tell that the rich nations must share their wealth with the poor. But a glance at his own family culture with billions of the Malaysian money taken into the control of his kith and kin's, and becoming the illegitimately wealthiest family in Malaysia. Why has he not willingly shared his mega billions with the people, why is his wealth reached such astronomical levels? Why such a devastating disparity between him and the ordinary citizen. He must first correct his own weakness before telling rich nations to share the wealth with the poor. Such is the symptoms of a UMNO leader, hypocritical and yet he cannot sense it in himself. Such is the despicable spiritual and moral decadence UMNO has acquired under Mahathir. This spiritual moral disease has no panacea, it is like a sick man with an incurable disease but pretending he is wealthy, it like early stages of AIDS, no visible symptoms but there is not future. UMNOBN has landed itself in a slow death boat, it will strive by abusing power to survive, propaganda becomes its weapon, its misinformation becomes its all purpose tool to obscure the vision of the people. But no such party with blatant corruption and spiritless morality can survive naturally.
UMNO is losing its popularity because of obsolescence and corruption
The human nature is such that it seeks novelty, its gets bored with the same old stuff, and if that stuff is corrupted or outmoded, it will be deserted. UMNOBN is in that situation, obsolete in its ideology, outmoded in its philosophy of racism, and worst of all sick morally, more akin to leprosy, which is always shunned. Today people perceive UMNOBN leaders as those who have stolen public money on the name of politics. They are seen as arrogant, cruel and dirty rich. All these characteristics are not compatible the human spirit, and so UMNOBN is naturally disliked and sooner or later it will be losing its reason for existence and slowly but surely it will disintegrate.
The human being must triumph not UMNOBN, so we as individuals with dignity and honour, must not become people who controlled by unscrupulous politicians, we must overcome them and get ourselves out of their obscuring and cheating propaganda. Let us strive to get rid of UMNOBN so that we can be emancipating ourselves for the "triumph of the individual".

Spirit of Truth - 01.12.2003

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