Dollah Badawi: Is He Mahathir's Proxy PM?
The lackluster attitude of the newly ascended PM, more empty rhetoric and verbosity, media statements with unproven action, all goes to make the new PM more of a Mahathir proxy than a man of his own mind. He seems to be more of a coward and an eunuch of Mahathir, whose tyranny has made Dollah a sycophant rather than a heroic reformer. There is no visible difference between what happened during Mahathir's time and now, all pointing to the conspiracy theory that Mahathir is calling the shots behind the screens. UMNO strategy to move Mahathir out of the main screen is to reduce the effect of mega hatred for Mahathir, by hiding Mahathir, but still using his despotic tactics, may help UMNO to perpetuate power through tyranny and treachery. Badawi seems to be a political effeminate unable to uphold truth and champion justice and democracy. He displays an image of a puppet with strings tied to Mahathir. Such seems to be the deplorable state of affairs of UMNO politics.

Badawi playing dumb to pressing issues.
Unable to act decisively on long standing pressing issues, which were selectively ignored by Mahathir, fearing his newly acquired power will be undermined, Badawi plays safe by selectively ignoring the issues that the people want to be addressed and resolved. The issues ranging from the mega elite corruption, executive meddling of the judiciary, trumping charges using fraudulent witnesses, conspiracies that has incriminated the political culture, persecuting political opponents, prostituting the media, abusing and insulting the parliament, using national security as the scapegoat to justify their crimes, Anwar Ibrahim's illegitimate imprisonment, and a host of others needs immediate action, failing which Badawi will be coroneted as the "Mahafiraun ll". Badawi is showing signs of political impotence, talking ideals and perfections but with no noticeable action. This inaction will only erode UMNO's already spoilt image, an image of a weakened, corrupted, immoral party that has become subservient to power than to justice and truth. Spiritually UMNO is dying, becoming lackadaisical, and dwindling into oblivion, only its form and former glory is being seen, its morality, political virtue and responsibility is fast declining, creating more hatred from the people. UMNO has been given the lethal dose of corruption by Mahathir, political survival becomes possible only through tyranny, despotism, dictatorship and treachery, but resorting to such dirty tactics will only invite doom for UMNO, for it is against human value and it will not be accepted by people.
Islamic revival will overpower a secular UMNO
UMNO's obnoxious corruption and arrogance, its secular ideology which works against Islam, puts it in vulnerable position, it undermines its foundation and sets in motion a destructive process, that will slowly but surely eat into vitals of a already devastated UMNO. Malays are more loyal to Islam, and are more inclined to PAS, unlike UMNO which emphasizes materialism and form. Compounding the issue is Mahathir constant insult on Islam, generating anger against UMNO. Can a corrupted UMNO uphold Islam? Far from it. There is no way corruption can help Islam, it will only damage Islam and that is what exactly happening, UMNO prostituting the media, seemingly very Islamic, but the people are already smart, they see the dirty treachery in their schemes, and this drives the fair minded Muslims away from UMNO.UMNO is beyond repair, serving by political fraud, how long can dirty tactics last? Sooner or later it will show its destructive effects, and Badawi can do nothing about it.
Only a final elimination of UMNO will solve this problem, UMNO is afflicted by "political AIDS" it must be shunned and incinerated to protect the nation and the people form its lethal poisons. Let every Malaysian open their eyes. let them see the great danger of keeping UMNO, let them realise how they are cheated by the propaganda, and with a single mind, do all to rid of this menace UMNO.

Spirit of Truth - 24.11.2003

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