PAS Political Tactical Strategy to Capture the Malay Muslim Heartland 
Undeniably, PAS convinces the Malay heartland with its political fortitude and patience, a process spanning over four decades of gradual capture of the Malay Muslims support. For it is only logical to capture the Malays, who have been dominating the political arena, and once the majority of the Malays are fully spiritualised with Islam, UMNO will decay, with its secular political foundation, undermined by a more powerful Islamic religious worldview, a belief system that has civilised the Malays and brought them out of "jahilliah". Islam is the soulmate of the Malays, while PAS goes for the soul, UMNO goes for the mind, but, in an increasingly corrupt culture of UMNO politics, religion is most likely to triumph. Decadence and corruption, the evil outcomes of injustice, are fertile grounds for religious revival, and with Islamic spirit abounding in the aftermath of Iraqi occupation by the United States, Malay Muslims are more supportive of fundamental Islam, a situation made worse for UMNO, because of UMNO's support of the United States. The Iraqi conflict has embolden the Islamic spirit and this augurs well for PAS. UMNO secularism, compounded by its highly corrupt image, is antagonistic to the Islamic spirit and this situation complicates UMNO's traditional propaganda riding on Malay supremacy, but Islamic supremacy supercedes all forms of Malay sentiments. This great combat, a duel of matter (UMNO) versus spirit (PAS), is a classical case of materialism falling prey to spiritualism. UMNO is no match against PAS's Islamic weapon.

In this spiritual battlefield, other secular parties like DAP gets shaken, goes wild and tries to oppose PAS, little realisng that PAS can only defeat UMNO by using Islam. PAS cares nothing about DAP in this battle for political power. PAS has placed its moves well, forcing UMNO to a situation where it has to insult and run down Islam, and this insults will make the Muslim Malays to hate UMNO. It is this hatred PAS is looking for, and it seems to have succeeded well, of course the impetus to this process was triggered after Mahathirís anti Islamic persecution of Anwar Ibrahim. PAS struck when the iron was hot and it is on the offensive until its gets its critical mass support after which UMNO will recede to oblivion. DAP will lose each and every Malay vote, but PAS wants only the Malay vote to fix UMNO for the moment. DAP is no issue now, it is the fight for the Malay heartland which DAP has hardly any influence, PAS realises that KeADILan will fill the gap DAP has created, on both sides PAS will triumph, even it may not gain overwhelming support but UMNO's credibility is definitely on the rot.
The war between UMNO and PAS, will create the climate for KeADILan to make greater in roads, by moving into the moderate middle path, it will capture the imaginations of the moderate Malaysians and will fertilize the process of building a multiethnic political party, which has been the aspirations of the well informed more civil minded Malaysians.
Malaysians must take cognizance of these political forces at work, which is invisibly killing a corrupt UMNO and paving the way for a better non racist, non religious party to grow and develop. Let all Malaysians build a united Malaysia, transcending beyond the confines of racism, fanaticism and injustice.
Long Live justice and truth!!

Spirit of Truth - 22.11.2003

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