Mahathir's National Damage Can Only Be Corrected if UMNO is Eliminated
By Spirit of Truth
UMNO is too deeply entrenched in the Mahathirian legacy of corruption, repression and power abuse. With this organisational moral weakness, each and every UMNO members have become a victim to this pernicious disease, unable to exculpate themselves from the corrupting influence of its evil power. Neither Badawi nor the best leadership efforts by UMNO can purify the defiling power of this devastating corruption that has eaten into the vitals of UMNO, now gradually succumbing to its destructive effects. Initiated by Mahathir , especially after the Anwar Ibrahim persecution, UMNO has been constantly bombarded with corrupt, ideas, thoughts and methods by the tyrannical Mahathir, for his personal safety and survival, all done at the expense of UMNO's strength and future. Mahathir escapes leaving the corrupted political machinery to Badawi, whose rise to power was purely incidental. The evil spirit released after the terrible injustice committed on Anwar Ibrahim continues to haunt the cruel perpetrators, who are now trying their best to escape from it. Mahathir, the mastermind of this pernicious evil scheme, unable to find a solution, escaped when he failed to emancipate the nation from its degrading influence. He left the nation with RM 180 billion in debts, a devastated democracy, a prostituted judiciary, a lame parliament, and a political subservient police force which reports directly to the ruling party. Besides he has left the media vomiting self serving propaganda, making at the Malaysian public sick mentally.

UMNO's Badawi says, Democracy does not mean absolute freedom, we say PM does not have absolute freedom to do what he wants.
PM is an integral part of the democratic system and he cannot exercise absolute freedom, the power of a democracy is divided between the executive, legislature and the judiciary. If Badawi continues to follow the footprints of Mahathir, and if Rais Yatim jumps at the opposition, it all goes to show that UMNO led government after Mahathir is permanently spoilt and rotten. If these two political stooges of UMNO want bring people oriented and justice based democracy, they have to initiate a royal commission of inquiry into the astronomical allegations of crimes and sins of Mahathir.
Political Leaders too do not have absolute power in their duty as temporary leaders.
Threatening opposition leaders with unfair legal action when a genuine criticism or wrong doing of a past PM is exposed, will tantamount to abuse of power, Rais Yatim the political stooge who has one of the best hypocritical record in Malaysian history, has become more of a promoter of absolute power for politicians, an act that tantamount to crime to the state and the people. It is another proof that Mahathir has totally poisoned UMNO, corrupted it beyond repair. It is for this reason that UMNO must be destroyed, for there is no other remedy to salvage Malaysia from the evils that has taken root into the political culture of the nation. Rais Yatim can threaten, but he will soon die or lose power, but the future generation is going to suffer, they are no way out but the elimination of UMNO which is the root cause of the astronomical damage to the nation.
Malaysia will emerge better without UMNO
A party that is extremely racial, corrupted to the brim, greedy, arrogant and power abusive, is not worth to rule. They will inspire corruption, propagate evil, practice sins and oppress the people. Such a party is  the personification of Satan, it must at all cost be destroyed otherwise they will live on the blood and toil of the people, their leaders making the millions and the billions but the people oppressed brainwashed and doped with propaganda. What is so important about UMNO, the only thing excellent in UMNO is corruption and power abuse. Let us not be sentimental about its history, nor be sympathetic about its early struggle, because justice has no compromise neither sentiment, if UMNO is undermining justice it must be eliminated. Let us not carried away by subtle propaganda and trickery, it is the God given duty to fight against a government that is proven corrupt or opposes genuine criticism. Let us earn the name of a people who upheld justice despite monumental threat, persecution and oppression. Let the action of Anwar Ibrahim be our source of inspiration, despite the most terrible injustice heaped upon him, in somber patience he withstood with superhuman fortitude, a very rare demonstration of a great human soul.
Let every Malaysian understand and recognise the evil UMNO is propagating, it will bring untold misery to the people if unchecked, let us recreate the Malaysian politics, let every Malaysian be proud of destroying UMNO for the greater interest of the nation, let us not be cowed by the threats of corrupt politicians whose one aim is to remain in power and perpetuate corruption which is hated by the people.

- Spirit of Truth - November 04, 2003

Compilation of articles by Spirit of Truth

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