Umno's Stooge Dollah Badawi 
Falls Into Mahathir's Trap Of Corruption And Repression

By Spirit of Truth
The successor of the
notorious Mahathir, Dollah Badawi has now inescapably fallen into the trap of the tyrant cum dictator. Having exploited the leadership vacuum that emerged in the aftermath of the Anwar Ibrahim persecution, saved by UMNO's weakness following the exodus of UMNO members to PAS and KeADILan and Mahathir's inability to repeat the Anwar Ibrahim act on his new deputy. Badawi is now caught in a trap that Mahathir created because of his insistence to remain in power for fear of arrest and persecution for the long list of multifarious crimes conducted in the name of politics, national security and economy. The recent police report by the BA Youth against the ex PM Mahathir provides the irrefutable proof that Badawi is caught in a fix that he cannot exculpate himself from. This trap is at once a punishment and a judgment for Badawi, if he wants to release himself from this precarious situation, he must condemn Mahathir and bring him to justice. But the miserable Badawi is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. If he protects Mahathir, he will invite the wrath of the people and GOD, but if he condemns and takes the rightful action against Mahathir, he will kill UMNO and its power.
Badawi will be rendered impotent
Badawi's predicament is chronic, both ways he loses, because he does not seem to posses the audacity and guts to haul Mahathir to justice, if he ever does that Anwar Ibrahim will be released and it will be political suicide for Badawi. He will be fixed to a point where he will be totally paralysed as a reformer or a corrector of Mahathir's sins and shit. It is a pitiful situation for Badawi, being unable to act morally, legally or politically to exorcise the legacy of curses and sins that Mahathir into the political culture of Malaysia. The clouds of propaganda schemed and plotted by Mahathir to obscure the truth have been removed, giving the people greater freedom to expose the ugly stinking filth of Mahathir. Whatever justification Badawi may use to defend his support of Mahathir when he was the deputy, will not convince the sane and the fair-minded, because the truth of Mahathir's cardinal sins especially his treachery against Anwar Ibrahim will finds its way out of the mists of propaganda and lies and will be laid bare before the watchful eyes of the multitudes. Badawi will drown in the moral filth of Mahathir and will not be able to regain any strength to redress the badness Mahathir has inflicted on UMNO and the nation.
UMNO will gradually dwindle in its own weakness and corruption
Badawi has no substance to purify UMNO from the mega corruption its has succumbed into. UMNO is grotesquely corrupted is public knowledge, the depth and level of corruption is beyond the power of Badawi to solve. With the passage of time UMNO will deteriorate, little by little, its popularity fades as younger people will ignore it and look for new leadership. UMNO has become the victim of Anwar Ibrahim's pernicious persecution, the killing effect of the sin will render UMNO weak and people will ostracise UMNO for its is the way GOD deals such sins. As the pressure on Badawi mounts for the release of Anwar, and if he plays dumb or perpetuates what Mahathir did, he will acquire the nature of a greater tyrant and end up as another notorious stooge, probably worse off than Mahathir.
The good news for Malaysians is that if Anwar is not released UMNO will wither, and that will solve the problem of destroying UMNO for the betterment of Malaysia. Every Malaysian must pray that the evils perpetrated by Mahathir must be destroyed and if Badawi tries to protect Mahathir he too will be destroyed morally and spiritually.

- Spirit of Truth - November 01, 2003

Compilation of articles by Spirit of Truth

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