UMNO Caged Malay Voters and Forced them to vote for BN
By Spirit of Truth

The most horrendous things were seen in the recent Indera Kayangan bye elections. A frightened and desperate UMNO, having lost Malay support, tried the "cage them and force them " to vote under threat and appeasement . Malay voters were caged, sealed off from the flow of information, contained by the abuse of police and government machinery and finally forced to submit to the command of a despotic cruel dictator. The Malay mind in the recent bye election was forcefully conditioned to vote without any thinking, rationalising or comparing . Such has become of Malay voters who have been effectively imprisoned in the UMNO created "detention camps" to ensure they were not exposed to any other party. In other words Malay voters were castrated and subdued to submit to UMNO' s orders

Malay Voters trapped in UMNO's web of lies

The pathetic situation in Kangar Perlis, where the Malay voters were guarded with the utmost security by the Mahathir prostituted police, were reduced to virtual robots, follow like machines which has been programmed to follow their captors. Such a subordination, forced domination, and exploitation will reduce the Malays to puppets and pawns, unable to think for themselves, mentally enslaved, and finally degenerating into rotten hopeless race.

Malays will end up like Sudroid Pariahs if Mahathirian oppression goes on

In ancient India the invading Aryans enslaved the conquered Dravidians by creating the Sudroid caste(pariah). The Dravidians who were captured and colonised were made into the lowest caste (Sudras) and the duty of this caste is to serve the three upper caste in utter servitude. This has now happened to the Malays under the oppressive UMNO regime. They now must not think, must not question their lords, just follow what they say. The indera Kayangan bye election is not a democratic and it must be rejected outright. Its outcome is not borne out of truth and fairness.

Chinese have already begun to realise the fallacy of the Islamic state and Militancy ploy

Indera Kayangan bye election witnessed the emergence of UMNO gangsterism at work. A party with people support dwindled, has now embarked on "vote robbing" through terrorism and political gangsterism. Anyone who opposed must be bashed up, no one must talk to the Malay voters except UMNO, Malays are the sole property of UMNO, they are pawns only to move as instructed. They are like monkeys chained, and trained to do what the masters order them to do. Unlike the Malays, the Chinese have managed to some extent to remove the dust of deceptive propaganda that has obscured their vision. The Islamic state bogey and the Islamic militancy drama is now seen a ploy and nothing more, so there was a six fold increase in the Chinese voters wanting the elimination of ultra Malay racist UMNO.

Indera Kayangan episode proves Mahathir can only survive by political terrorism

By creating a hyper fear situation, massive presence of FRU, uniformed and non uniformed police Mahathir created a fear infested environment,political gundaism, samseng and mafia style intimidation, during which voters were frightened and forced to vote for UMNOBN. Money, bribery, and fear helped UMNO to rob the votes from the Malays and others. One thing was sure, Mahathir has become a ultra political terrorist, forcing people to submit to his personal desires.

Indera Kayangan bye election was not a true election but an oppression

UMNO samseng party has shown its ugly politics, without political morality, using violence and scare tactics, the election was rigged manipulated and made to sway to their side. From a freedom fighter UMNO is a now a party of corrupt political gundas, gangsters and liars. If this pattern continues Malays will be reduced to mere political slaves, and the nation will become the private property of UMNO to plunder wealth.

- Spirit of Truth

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