Behind Paklah's Win....
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I read with interest many of the articles posted by MGG Pillai and Raja Petra. However I would like to add a few naïve points that have been mentioned or have not crossed the minds of these political analysts.

I believe that the PM calls couple with controversial advertisements on the electronic and print media urging voters to turn out in full swing has a hidden agenda . It is not done as an encouragement to motivate people to perform their political duty to elect leaders to represent them.

The call was done to shadow the high percentage of voter turn out. This had been planned. For if, people like me were very skeptical about the figures, their proxies would rebut this point by saying that the high turn out was the result of the vigorous “go to the polls” campaign

Look at the figures of the voters turn out. In some opposition strongholds it went as high as 91% and it averaged at somewhere between 75 to 85% in most constituencies. Compare this figures to the last few elections and you’d probably agree with me. I strongly believed that phantom voters do exist and were used in every election to deny the opposition of seats. But this time around, it went beyond my wildest expectation.

One clear reason for this is the uniqueness of the position of the present PM. Under conventional practise, the PM assumes his portfolio after a general election and thus could rest his laurel for at least 3 to 4 years before the next general election, but not in the case of Pak Lah. He inherited the throne from Dr. M and has only about 9 months of mandate left. He decided he must win beat at all cost. He has everything at stake if he lost ground to the opposition in the 11th General Election. The reason being to ensure his position as the fifth PM is not challenged and his chances to retain the UMNO presidency in June this year is not disputed. The other most important reason is to make sure that his name doesn’t go in the history book as the shortest serving PM of Malaysia-4 months. Razak Baginda attributed BN‘s landslide victory was due to his moderate approach to Islam. Left Islam, right Islam, moderate Islam or extreme Islam are all lost causes because there is only one prophet Muhammad who brought Islam to this world. There is only Islam and no adjective can be added to it.
Pak Lah, I think you’re behind all this confusion and the SPR has to do its bidding according to your fancy. You have a big stake to protect…………….

- Not So Stupid - 24.03.2004

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