Do Pak Lah a favour, don’t vote for ‘tainted’ candidates
By Mustapha Ong - 5:29pm Thu Mar 18th, 2004 (Dipetik drp MalaysiaKini)
Note: Mustapha Ong is an UMNO 'strongman' and a staunch Dr Mahathir-Pak Lah supporter. This is a letter he sent to Malaysiakini:

Like many other Malaysians, Anthony Shim has rightly expressed his true feelings that Samy Vellu, Rafidah Aziz, Nazri Aziz, Kadir Sheikh Fadzil and Zainuddin Maidin should not have been picked as Barisan Nasional candidates. These notable political figures have tainted the good image and integrity of Pak Lah's team mates in the previous administration due to their egoism and, to a certain extent, their alleged corrupt practices and abuse of power.

However, I believe that Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who has initiated his strong desire to wipe out corruption within the government and corporate sector, will honour his word of not having these allegedly corrupted MPs in his new cabinet lineup after the general election.

Pak Lah has been very cautious to play his cards and although he has been pressured to include such controversial candidates, it is crystal clear that he wants the people to determine whether these BN political heavyweights are their choice or not.

Therefore, one should not criticise Pak Lah. It is important the people be the better judge in accepting or rejecting their representatives to Parliament or the state assembly. Pak Lah knows it's a political gamble but it's better to lose a few controversial seats, than continue to tolerate the stubborn, selfish and egoistic political partners who will further damage the image and integrity of the BN government under his new leadership.

My advice to the voters: cast your votes with a clear conscience and do not hesitate to reject those candidates who are no longer acceptable to the majority. You will indeed do Pak Lah a great favour.

I believe the BN will be returned with a stronger mandate under Pak Lah's leadership even if the people decide to reject all those controversial candidates on polling day. The ball is at the feet of the people and they will genuinely support Pak Lah and work with him to form a clean government after the general election.

In the words of JV Langmead, "Because men are everywhere corruptible and always corrupted, no man or group of men can be trusted with too much power and indeed with no power at all which is not balanced or checked by the power of other men."

Mustapha Ong - 18.03.2004
Submitted by Raja Petra Kamrudin

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