Fear Factor: Fear of Change (changophobia)

Dear Friends,

For 44 years, we have given the mandate to the same party to govern. For most of that period, the BN have been returned to power with a two-thirds majority in Parliament. We have not known what it is like to hand this mandate to another party, so much so that we have been conditioned to believe that only the BN represent stability, and the alternative represent chaos.

What is this change that we really fear?
Do we fear an end to corruption, cronyism and nepotism?
Do we fear that we will be shot at, if we take part in demonstrations?
Do we fear that we can finally be the real masters of this nation, free from the tyranny and persecution that exists today?

Do we fear that the few crumbs that the BN throws our way will disappear?
Do we fear that we are so weak and so incompetent that we cannot make a living if there is no BN?
Are we afraid when BN threatens that there will be chaos if the BN loses the coming election?
Or do we fear that PM will be out of a job if the BN does not secure a two-thirds majority.

Take a look beyond this election, to the scenario 5 years from now. What do we face if we DO NOT CHANGE?
We will have to shut our mouths while the BN gets on with their merry business.

More corruption, cronyism and nepotism!
The poor will get poorer, while BN’s cronies will get richer.
“Piratisation” will proceed with full swing.
Hospitals will be given away, plum projects will be given away, prime land will be given away.

And finally, the people’s anger who feel we have let them down by not being brave enough to change today!

Today, we have a chance to make a peaceful change.

To change for a better life, free from fear, free to go about our business without government harassment, free from the extortion that masquerades as privatisation.

Let us work together.
Make that change today!

Louise Joseph - 15.03.2004
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