No Proof, No Shame, No More -- Norian!
By Martin Stephen Jalleh

He had told the whole nation that those arrested under the ISA had been planning a series of demonstrations to topple the Government (Star, 11.4.01) -- yet today -- a year later -- he has demonstrated  very clearly that  there is no evidence supporting his allegations.

He had exposed the existence of  "a secret cell within the Opposition... comprising 20 members who were 'very serious' in their objective" (NST, 12.4.01) -- a year later, it has become an "open secret" that the Police has shown no proof of the existence of such a "secret cell".

He had also claimed that the "secret cell" was planning to violently overthrow the Government" (NST, 12.04.01) -- a year has passed and his still baseless accusations has done much "violence" to the truth and the process of justice -- not to mention also the well-being of those still detained and their families.

His further revelation that the "secret cell" and its members "were in the process of arming themselves with explosives, grenades launchers and petrol bombs" (NST, 12.4.01) -- has "exploded" in his own face, for without any facts to date, his story remains but pure pathetic police fiction.

His "police intelligence reports"  which "revealed that they (those arrested) had garnered support from certain silat organisations and had influenced former members of the armed forces and police"(NST, 12.4.01) -- have, today, proven to be quite "unintelligent" and unsubstantiated still.

He had given the assurance that the Police would present their "case (against the detainees) to be considered by the Executive (Government)" (NST, 21.4.01) -- it has been a year now, and they do not have any case to present, but instead have to attend the habeas corpus writs brought against them by the detainees.

He had claimed that "those involved in the plot had been under surveillance for some time"  and "various tell-tale signs had been noted in September 1998..." (NST, 12.04.01) -- three years and more of "surveillance" later, and without a shred of evidence -- all the public sees are only "tall tale" signs.

His "concrete evidence" has turned into "contradictory statements", his "compelling proof" mere "concoctions". Since the ISA arrest of seven Opposition members and activists a year ago -- no one has caused the credibility of the Royal Malaysian Police to sink so low than Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Norian Mai.

He had also claimed that the ISA arrests in April 2001 were not political but "purely a  police action" (NST, 21.4.01). No one has gained so much, and no one's "security" has been so safeguarded than the political powers-that-be --  with the arbitrary use of the ISA by the nation's top law enforcer -- who to date has shown no proof!

Martin Jalleh
10 April 2002

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